Wednesday, 16 May 2012


Gawd Strewth !! I'm knackered ! I've managed to get one whole weekend off in the time since Salute in April . Off to Triples in Sheffield this weekend, then Partizan at Newark the weekend following. In the meantiime I've an order from the USA coming in- supposed to get here on Friday probably at the same time as I'm loading the Van for Triples so much carnage is likely to ensue. However you know what they say "If you can't take a joke you shouldn't have joined" so it'll be a case of shut up and soldier and get the job done. The Jacdaw Napoleonic Swedes progress, albeit more slowly than I'd like given all the other stuff to do , so given a little time I'll have the production moulds for the first 4 packs early in June. Then afrer a bit of fiddling about another 3 packs before the end of June or thereabouts. I hope to have a few painted examples before that. David has significantly upgraded the first test shots we showed earlier on the blog. Howevermy painting is currently dominated by 28mm ECW as I need a few extra items for the Durham show game on June 9th. This should be a scenario based very vaugley on the battle of Cropredy Bridge- or as one contempoary put it "A bridge called Crapridden" whichv phrase alone made me want to do a game of that battle! . Other news- I'll be adding another modern aircraft to the range- a Cessna Birddog much used in Vietnam. This shoud be out around about the same time as the first of the abovementione Swedes. After that there will be a couple more WW2 aircraft. A Hawker Tempest and a Beafighter.. There is a good bit of 15mm stuff in the pipeline both homegrown and stuff from Bluemoon in the USA.more news on that when its fit to print.


  1. No more WAS/SYW Jacdaws for a bit, then?

  2. Yes and No. I've a bundle of masters to work through. Next up will be the Foot troops for the Chasseurs de Fischer and possibly the mounted Schomberg Dragoons and/or the Scots Greys, there is also another civilian set but I have several projects in motion of which Jacdaw is just one and not always the most popular.
    To give an example the 15mm Model aircraft- which as a range has been going only about a year longer than Jacdaw out sells Jacdaw 3 to one- the ranges being about the same size at 50-60 items each. Jacdaw is perhaps very marginally the larger and somewhat the more costly to make. The point of the Swedes and other up and coming non WAS/SYW jacdaws is to widen the customer base. Neither David nor I want Jacdaw to be a "one Trick pony" so the ranges need to broarden out. The problem with the whole 18th century is that everybody and his brother makes 'em but comparativly few gamers/collectors do the period. I think the "old school" outlook can give you a biased view- I know it did with me.
    But yes there will be more stuff- the Fischers should come out around the same time as the Swedes depending upomn how large or small the mould making budget is for that month.

  3. Thanks, Andy. I understand your position. This is turning out a rather busy year for me and my painting rate has slowed right down so my buying rate has too, but I'm still in there and will be ordering more in due course - and I'll send you some pictures of the French line cavaly which painted up really well.

  4. Thanks John I'd appreciate that. We have by no means abadoned the WAS/SYW but at 54 packs with more to come we thought it was time to broarded out horizons.