Sunday, 10 June 2012

Sanginguary Carnage at Bloody Bottom

So there we wre six TWATS at the wargames table staring at Jim the Painters 10mm SYW collection which is fiarly awesome- best part of 3000 of the little fellas Prussian and Austrian combined. As far as I recall the Austrians had 12 infantry units 7 cavalry and a measly 2 guns The Prussians 13 infantry 5 cavalry and 4 guns- though they may have had fewer cavalry and more infantry- How the hell you are supposed to tell with 10mm is a mystery to me especially when they are more than a foot away. Nevertheless off we went. Rules were Vlley and Bayonet- one of the best "Big Battle" sets I have come across not without its faults but still well ahead of many. The Prussian arrival was a tad scattered and their advance guard came in for a lot of stick- eventually destroyed to a man but theyb died hard helped mostly by a quirk of the rules that allowed nothing for flank or rear attacks- making the Sydlitz style out flanking manovre of the Austrian cavalry significantly less successful than the Austrian commanders had hoped However it was successful enough to put the prussians on the back foot until their rearguard arived on the Austrain left flank- not unexpectedly but still a little re-deployment was called for during our turn- this is am IGOUGO style game - not normally my favourite but this is one of the better ones. Not at all skaken by the mauling of their advance guard (there seemed to be few rules for contagion here) the mass of the Prussians now got stuck in and a mutual bloodbath ensued. Another rules quirk meant that the side moving forward was at an immediated disadvantage over stationary troops. At time this meant that trops standing still to recover from disorder were actually stronger than the troops who had just beaten them and were following up. Thus - for both sides - it was hard to capitalise on local advantage The second picture show this in action the battle will sway back and forth reducing both of these forces to mere shadow for no major effect. To all intents and purposes the battle now became a simple dice rolling excercise unlss one side or another could gain a little local numeriacal superiority and gang up 2 to 1 on an enemy unit For those wargamers who find dice rolling fun I suppose this would be the epitome of their hobby- not me dudes - the repitition became a little tedious so I applied myself to my pint of Steel Town from the AConsett Brewery- one of the dozen o so micro breweries within strking distance of where I live . Back to the war. Exhaustion was now beginning to set in as troops on both sides simply gave up the Ghost. All of the Prussian Cavalry were dead or routed and the Austrain horse little better Only 2 units remaining by the end of play. The Austrian infantry - 8 rather shaky units were hanging on by the skin of their teeth and the remaining 8 Prussian units were no better. Each side had fought the other to a standstill. Disorder and exhaution markers littered the table. This had been that rare thing an actualk draw.

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