Wednesday, 18 July 2012

All the News thats fit to print ! 18th July 2012

So finally after a larger than average number of cock-ups and such the Jacdaw Napoleonic Swedes are finally out on the shelves- wel shelf !. The first 4 packs are now out.At last. Another 3 packs will follow then some cavalry- Hussars and Dragoons will follow those. I've been experimenting photographically with the presentation of these so here is a sample pic.
These are the basic Infantry with their Command element. In other news... I'm expecting delivery of a shipment in the next week or so which shouldinclude at least some of the new Bluemoon 15mm stuff. Pick a selection of Marian Romans, The Alamo, the War of 1812, The 3 Musketeers,and maybe the French Foriegn Legion . More details when I get my sweaty palms on the goodies. The same goes for the new Modern weapons packs- desogned to fit in the back of our 15mm pick -up truck. There will be 6 or maybe8 packsallowing some weapoms to be ground mounted as well. Once I get moulds made these will be made here like all the other CDMOD and CDMV codes
These 2 pics show the Russian Grad rocket Launcher and the Chinese Type 91 - both on truck mounts. Both are used widely in Africa and the middle East. .... and Finally Abit of eye candy. I've been fiddlying about with 40mm ECW recently and here are some of the results. First Scottish Cavalry
and now some Englis new Model Horse though perhaps the officer wearing his hat could be a Royalist.
Thats about it this time- back to the casting shed. I've some Cessna Birddogs to make.


  1. Hello Andy,
    I love the Swedes,well actually I meant the figures look great.
    Thanks Robbie

    1. They are the start of what may become amajor "Nordic Napoleonic" range. For the future we are looking at Danes and maybe Norwegians

  2. Nice work on the ECW horse

    -- Allan

  3. Nice work! It'd be great to know what the figures are - I recognize a few of the sash and saber, but not some of the others...Jacdaw?