Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Got'em By God!!

Finally ,after a bit of a panic anda phone call to the local post office depot the new Drabant 28mm releases have arrived. They should appear on the OGUK website in the next 24hours or so. They are eveery bit as good in the flesh as the photos promised. Weapons and shileds are separate castings and the facial and clothing detail is excellent. Pictures of both the painted and undercoated models have already appeared on this blog but here is a shot of the bare casting of ther Saxon Fyrd just as I pulled them out of one box picked at random- no cleaning up - straight from the box.
the second picture is a size comparison for the heightists amongst you. The painted figures are from the Old Glory SVS- Somerled the Slayer range and as you can see are in the same ballpark but perhaps a little smaller though posing is more energetic than the Drabant figures.
So as ever its a matter of choice. The hands of the Drabants will need drilling to take the weapons but thats no chore at all and IMHO is far better than the "cast guttering" that passes for hands on say Gripping beast. By careful drilling you can actually get the hands to grip the weapons instead of merely resting lightly upon them. Once I've finished the crop of Moderns I'm painting at the moment these will migrate to the painting desk. I await the next releases with impatience.

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