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Monday, 9 December 2013

Christmas Humbug!!

 Ah well it's that time of year again- Not Crimbo itself you understand but the run up  that frantic  time of deep deep impatience when it all goes pear shaped for no apparent reason and screeching women bend your ear because "Tarquin hasn't got his Zombies in time for Santa " .
 Well this is one of those times Gentle reader.
 At the beginning of November I ordered a bundle of stuff from OG in the USA- not expecting them to start on said order until after Fall in - by which time I'd made some additions as you'd expect- so far everything as normal, Nothing out of the ordrinary. Order expected to arrive at the very end of November or in the first week of December as in previous years - With me so far ?
 So here I sit on the morning of the 9th with no shipment- nor even notice that it has left the US of A
Now it has to be said this is just a tad inconvenient- I'm sure there are valid reasons for the delay - after all they do have to actually make this stuff - it does not grow on trees and I'm not the only fella who wants an order and its not exactly a small shipment
 Currently it looks as though I'll take delivery around about the 16th-18th of this month so about 12 days or so later than I'd hoped. So in the short term those orders I was holding  because they were short a pack or two will go out this week  with the  missing  items sent out when I get the shipment. Chaps who are awaiting orders will get them as soon as I can send them .
 So whilst other traders  relish this unexpected burst of Schadefreude I'll get on send out the parcels- after all 3 days to do 3 weeks work- Nea Bother !!!!!!!


  1. I'm sure you'll keep it all together mate. Best wishes to Carol.

  2. Thanks Dave- we do try- Game on the 14th incidentally- forgot to tell you in the Hurly - burly