Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Moron shows .. Sorry! More on Shows

Freudian slip perhaps ... Sometimes I do wonder.

 Various conversations at shows snippets 

 Zombie Cowboys   zombie Indians zombie priates - Gawdamighty WHY? I was asked for all 3 of these at  triples- 15mm Zombie pirates  surely you need to get out more . What is this obcession with zombies. Not only do I fail to understand it  I worry somehat for anyone with that kind of death cult obcession - even in gaming (I refuse to call that kind of silliness "Wargaming" ). OK it might be fun once or twice as light relief but over and over again ... Naah I simply couldn't be arsed to put the effort in . Indeed as I write this I begin to see my problem with many of the non- hisdtorical "gaming lite" affairs that are about nowadays they have no substance there is actually nothing there to  interest me or indeed anyone who can read long words. These things are for people who believe  throwing dice is an intellectusal activity ... Oh Dearie Dearie me ...

New products

 The only new products- well new to me that caught my interest were some lovely 28mm Greys Scouts for the Rhodesian war  wish I'd note who made them  otherwise nothing of note other than a stand which was selling all sorts of fantasy stuff- much of it very nice indeed- so nice that they wanted a tenner for a single 30mm figure- lost interest at this point THAT is simply taking the piss.

One day shows or two day shows

Again  conversations-  my answer is sort of two fold
 As a trader and thinking PURELY as a trader 1 day may be better - simply because my hotel bill is lower or non-existant . I don't- at least at some venues expect the stand fee to be that much cheaper as most venues would charge for the whole weekend. And yes I know this from experience.
 So there is nothing wrong with a 2 day gig - mean minded tightwad Traders take note- its not just about the money. Shows have to include other things as well- such as the Uniforms display  hopefully being put on at War Tron- WW1 I'm told and Costumes from Oh What a Lovely War . Now I hope these various exhibitions come off and that people trouble themselves to visit. More and more I'm beginning to realise that-v for some- our hobby has become such a narrow activity- all dice Tossing and counter pushing
 There are some out there- both show owners and  show attendees who need to braoden their outlook.


  1. The Greys Scouts are probably from Eureka - lovely stuff! Wait until you see the helicopters!

    1. Don't need to see helis- alreadyb have my own in 15mm and will do Greys in time also in 15mm