Friday, 27 November 2015

Waiting for the Deluge ....

So Friday 27th November 2015. Here I sit waiting .....
Waiting for what  I hear you mutter-a bus,a cup of char , the Messaih-?
 "He's not the messiah , he's a very naughty boy!"
 No actually I'm waiting for UPS to deliver my shipment.. Their Tracking system tells me it arrived in Gateshead just after 5 this morning and is now
 "On the Vehicle out for Delivery"
 So here I sit cheque book at the ready- for the VAT and import duty bill  Gawd knows what it will be  but £800-£1000 probably - all for Dave and his rich mates and the various Civil servant pensions ....
 So what am I expecting?
 15 crates of Toy soldiers ,ships, buildings  etc etc etc.
 Hopefully it will include a bundle of new gear - mostly new Blue Moon Napoleonics
 Dansh and Swedish Cavalry and Artillery crews as well as a huge bundle of re-supply for my currently somewhat depleted stock  bins.
 This lot is later than usual. I have not had a re-supply since just before Donnington- the US show Fall-in got in the way.
 This should enable me to send out all but the most recent back orders so chaps waiting for stuff should start to see it next week or the week after- depending upon where they live..
 I've got to try to unpack all this gear and sort it before we collect the van for Battleground tomorrow so the sooner UPS arrive the better... and it is already 9.43

12.35- Shipment arrives and is off the truck- let the deluge begin ...... 

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