Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Claymore! August 5th Edinburgh

 My next show in my Old Glory UK hat will be Claymore on August 5th in Edinburgh.. Always a good event this  both from a traders and punters point of view and well worth the effort of attending.
 Although the new Blue Moon Boxer rising range did not arrive with my last shipment- despite my ordering those packs I knew about I'll still have some new  items for the show.
 Check out the Raven Banner Games 28mm ACW range. They are superb. The newest models of Union personalities really do look like the chaps they represent- even before I knew precisely what the packs were supposed to contain I could tell which was Sam Grant and which was Phil Sheridan. Blokes more knowledgeable in the period that I will know Meade, Rosencrans, Hooker and all the rest when they see them.
 Check out this U-tube video from one of the chaps who was a Kickstarter contributor.

In the Blue Moon 15mm range there are additions to the Zulu War range. Still more to come here but the additional packs- Imperial and Colonial cavalry add to the range.
 I also have a couple of new packs of 28mm Drabant- Pictish Spearmen and some new Saxons. I would also have had the new Pechenegs... but have sold out and it is a long way from Russia with or without love so I may not get replacement stock before Claymore !. Nevertheless I will have all the Drabant 28mm I have to hand at the show Viking ,Normans, Saxon, Russians and the new Picts.

I'll also be bringing some regimental packs in 28mm which don't usually get to shows.  These are Blue Moon Sash and Saber and Old Glory second Edition unit packs for the Seven Years War, AWI and Napoleonic . The selection is a bit eclectic but includes some SYW French Infantry and Russian , Austrian.  British and French Napoleonic as well as a selection of AWI Continentals and British .  Prices will depend upon precise pack contents but the show only offer  price for a 36- 38 figure unit pack will be £25.00. These are metal figures so you do not need to spend half of your life assembling them!  Get them while they last. . There will also be some bargain packs of a "one-off" variety. Prices will be anything from 20% to50% lower than list.  Get them while you can as once they are gone they are gone.

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