Friday, 24 January 2020

Bengal Light Cavalry 1845

So here is a small unit of the 3rd Bengal Light Cavalry. Actually the 2nd Squadron. the finished unit will have at least three. The Sikh Wars and "Sepoy Army" project moves with glacial slowness but it moves.
 Figure are of course Old Glory 28mm  from the Sikh Wars range and all the figures come from one pack ASB-22 to be precise. I still have 4 more troopers to finish. The oversized flag is a repainted GMB napoleonic British one and the flag finial isa Raven Banner one- which I also sell.

3rd Bengal Light Cavalry. The Officer is in Full Dress.

I have wanted a "Sepoy Army" for many years as well as a selection of their enemies- of which the Sikhs were the most formidable perhaps. Finally it is starting to move that way.

Another shot of the 3rd

Add these to the other units I and Jim have and we will soon have enough for a small intro game. 

Saturday, 4 January 2020

Too busy to Blog ... well almost

Well been a while since I wrote a proper blog post. Frankly what with Crimbo and trips to hospital and recovery from said trip there has not been a lot of time for fripperies. Figure painting especially has suffered and is likely to suffer for some time. However I did manage to get a few things added to a couple of projects over the last month or so. 
 So however slowly we progress - little by little but we progress.

30mm Retro AWI. A mixture of Stadden and Willie with a single PMD fifer I picked up somewhere. The flag is foil from a rather nice bottle of Pugliese. I could have used paper but that somehow did not suit the reto zeitgeist!! 
 Additions to the Retro AWI collection first. This is not yet a stand alone collection- unlike retro Napoleonic- aka "shinyllo" or the considerable retro ECW collection I have. I do have good numbers of unpainted figures but currently the painted collection is fairly small and so gets used with the  bigger "modern" AWI collection I have. Betweem the two groups there are enought units for a decent game  using either retro or modern style rules. I like British Grenadier as the modern set and possibly Charge ! or Featherstone for retro.
Another view of the infantry unit- which has more to be added. Sorry tht the rattlesnake looks more like frexh doggy -poo but it does not always go according to plan.

American dragoon in Hunting shirt. A willie 30mm  found in a secondhand job lot. 

Another of the dragoon. 

Not everything is "retro" style. These Bengal Light Cavalry are from the Old Glory 28mm Sikh Wars range. The pack includes command but they are still on the painting table. 

Another shot of 3rd BLC. They are in the pre- 1847 uniform 

 Otherwise the  EIC India collection is slowly  growing the very first of the 3rd Bengal Light Cavalry  for the First Sikh War - and earlier are done as are some Bengal Irregular Cavalry - shown in an earlier post. With my mate Jim also painting units this will be a new period for un in gaming terms though I have had my eye on it for years in terms of books and reading up on the period and of course on the Indian Army in  general. It is actually touch and go which bit of my library is the more extensive, India or the ECW, both have numbers of books. India covers a larger timespan with numbers of " sub- species" so it very probably the larger- though I have never counted.

Off to bloody hospital again later this month then will have to spend a small fortune on new glasses but there you go. Looking forward to Vapnartak in York in Feb- loads of new stuff that has never been to a show . At least three new ranges. More of that in a later post.

Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Christmas Humbug 2019

 Here at the Ebenezer Scrooge Christmas Appreciation Society we are gearing up for the Festive Season. Now I do quite like Christmas but NOT the over commercial  consumer -fest of outrageous greed that the Supermarkets and Department store adverts would have you buy into at peril of your health for the coming year.
 Frankly after a busy year I and my wife Carole are looking forward to a few days of P and Q.  As is so often the case weather we actually get it is in hands other than our own.
 Nevertheless as usual our last posting day will- this year- be Friday 20th December as the chances of anything else getting anywhere in time after than date are minimal to say the least.
 So Carole and I will be taking  a few days off  as we usually do at this time
 Hopefully I can catch up on a bit of painting though doubtless Government Bullshit will get in the way of that but I also have a couple of other projects in the works which need time to mature- of which more later.
 Overall though a bit of downtime isin the offing to recharge the battieries for next year.
  So Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to one and all.

Thursday, 14 November 2019

Essential reading without agony

Regular readers should by now have grasped that I am a bit of an ECW nut. The period fascinates me. Not merely the gaming but the whole thing- the models the characters  the figure painting,  especially the history as without the history the gaming would be, for me, a pointless exercise of itself. No more than mere dice rolling. So with that in mind new ECW books passing across my ken are always welcome.
 This new one from Helion being no exception.
 The Dundar campaign and the Anglo- Scottish War of 1650-51- sometimes called the Third Civil War is a conflict I have read off and on over the years.. So Arran Johnston's book is very welcome. It is in the usual Helion format in their excellent Century of the Soldier series of which I own more than a few titles. This is a fine addition to the series.
 Physicall the book is a meaty  softback of over 200 pages so has a little more heft than some but the contents do live up to the billing.
 Mr Johnston knows his stuff.

Essential Agony : The Battle Of Dunbar 1650

The book covers the Dundar campaign very well indeed wit details on the armies and a god selection of colour plates and some excellent photographs of the terrain as it appears today. Indeed  the route of Cromwell's invasion of Scotland in 1650 is covered almost step by step. Oders of battle are included and the coverage of the campaign overall is very good.
 However Mr Johnston also sets the campaign in context so  there is also a potted history of Scotland during the Second Civil war and of course the political upheavals in Scotland itself. I learned thing I didn't know which for me is the benchmark for a decent history book.
 The volume rounds off the account of the war with the Worcester campaign - Cromwells Crowning Mercy which ended the Third Civil War.

Recommended reading.

Sunday, 27 October 2019

The Encounter at Fiddler's Rise October 1469

Another thin month at the Tantobie Warfare and Tactical Society with only three memeber available for this month's game. Nil Desperandum however the three of us amnaged a fine little 40mm Wars of the Roses punch up with my collection of models in that scale and period.
 It had been a while since these last saw the light of day though I had managed to add a couple of extra figures to the collection.
The battlefield, Fiddlers Rise top right Yorkists on the right of the picture 

Lancastrian troops 
Some of the Yorkists

 Most of these are from my own Romanoff Miniatures range of late medievals - including a good few conversions the cavalry are mostly Irregular and the guns - two are Hinchliffe /.Foremost the so called Heavy Culverin in the Landsknecht range and the large bombard a scratchbuilt item. The few cavalry were Irregular with a single "Mindstslker" model on a Sash and Saber horse that I picked up secondhand and rebased  a few weeks ago.

More of the Yorkists on Fiddler's Rise. 

 Rules used were basically Anthony Clipsom's set "Foray" with  some local amendments to add in gunpowder and changing his metric measurements back to inches simply because I don't see Medieval games in millimetres as that system had not yet been invented !  The rules are simple D6 based but have enough flavour to make them interesting. Simple mechanisms and none of the  farting about seemingly so desired by many "games players"  so decisions are left to the players rather than the rule set. For this kind of large skirmish - small battle they work very well especially as they leave room for the Umpire to fiddle about and make the players think a bit. The table was a bit smaller than our usual being only five feet or so square and terrain was as simple as possible - wooden blocks under the cloth with my venerable collection of Britain's trees for the woods on top of Fiddlers Rise.


The cavalry charge. 
So to the action. The Yorkist faction was take by Mechanical Shaun and the Lancastrians by Andrew the Tekkie. I allowed both sides free deployment - simply to see what each would do  and at first both sides played it defensively, Andrew scoring an early success with a flukey double to destroy the Yorkist gun. This caused Shaun to advance and arrows  flew  but without major damage to either side, though the Lancastrian artillery did  cause a few casualties. Then the Yorkist cavalry charged  a unit of Lancastrian archers- in Percy livery but under Oxford.s banner(see what happens when you give free deployment!)  Andrews dice rolling was to say the least awful - several hist but not a single kill and the horse crashed into the archers who then failed their post melee morale and broke and fled . The horse pursued and overan the lighter Lancastrian guns and disappeared off the table.
A melee- the growling began next turn. 

 In other parts of the field honours were more or less even. A Lancastrian charge was held- just- and , though neither side broke the Lancastrians retired both sides then growled at each other, In the centre Shaun had kept his heavily armoured men at arms together and these advance upon the Lancastrian centre which looked decidedly unnerved and began to pull back.. However the Yorkists - who were slightly outnumbered overall- did not fancy assaulting  up hill  especially without cavalry support and something of a shortage of archers. As I went to the bar to get them in the fighting died down amid mild slurping of fine ale as neither side had the numbers or morale to finish the job.

As usual our thanks to Landlady Jean for excellent Beef Butties and fine pints of Consett Brewery Pale Ale.  Now off to paint some more of these for another game next year. The next meeting of our group will be  sometime in November. Don't know what period yet - therein lies the interest!

Sunday, 13 October 2019

More Mutiny men- and a bit of refurbishment

What with the World Cup causing the odd bit of skiving off over the last few weeks tjre jas not been a lot of painting done. However there has been a bit here and there . Indian Mutiny and a bit of refurbishment of some older stuff that needed a bit of TLC .

  The Stadden AWI cavalry were first painted in the late 1980s and have been used on and off ever since so they needed a bit of touching up . The Mutineer High command figure is a mullah so doubtless will be called "mad" by the British in any upcoming battles.!
Refurbished Baylors dragoons 30mm stadden for my AWI collection 
A second shot of Baylors. I have a good numner of these still to paint. Most aquired more recently than these /

The possibly "mad" Mullah 
Hodsons Horse- on the older possibly a bit thin OG horses. These  horses are no longer supplied with the pack  so you can tell how long these have been in the collection.

British gun crew for the Indian Mutiny

Saturday, 7 September 2019

The tale of the Dropped Lancer.

This is my first blog post for some time. There are many and various reasons for this. Not least the minor fact that I did my back in  unpacking my last shipment form Old Glory USA. This slowed me down a bit as amongst other things sitting typing was bloody painful so I didn't do it. Equally  other work still had to be done- getting out the back orders and sorting out all the stock. After all there were 10 boxes of gear o sort out - about 3000 packs of soldiers- maybe a few more. We got it dome, my wife Carole and I, but it was several days slower than I would have liked.

  So you can see , Gentle Reader, that not a great deal of figure painting has been done in the meantime. Yet as I recovered and the pain became merely awful  I did manage to finish a few including the mysterious Dropped Lancer !
 In a previous post  I showed you a unit of Bengal Irregular Cavalry I had painted for the Sikh Wars.  but there were only 9 so - since there were all from one pack of Old Glory figures and they come in 10s where was number 10 ? Answer on the bloody floor where I dropped him  then lost him. Much later he made his presence felt when I stood on him in bare feet. Wrath and bad language did ensue! But the little chap was undamaged  so I plugged in a lance hand and a wire lance and painted him (FYI in many Bengal Irregular units weapons were initially a matter of personal choice and in some only NCO's carried lances in other more or even the whole unit it rather depends upon when and where )
 So here he is,

The 40mm medieval man at arms I picked up from Colonel Bill's along with several other  painted 40mm late medievals from the Italian "Mindstalkers" range. These are lovely  models, actually Fantasy but with a useful number of late medievals amongst them. I have piced up the odd one here and there from ebay. When new the price was utterly eye-watering at around £8.00 per foot fig so I don't buy them new. This chap is actually on a Sash nad Saber horse  and has been though several owners I think. He needed a bit of TLC to repaint dings and scrathes but was in respectable nick overall. So a bit of  repainting and rebasing and he will join my 40mm Wars of the Roses- Late Medieval collection.

The third chap is another 30mm Stadden  of significant vintage (possibly at least 50 years old) for "Shinyloo" Colonel of the 69th foot. He has no regiment yet but will have. I don't add to this- or indeed any other collection in an orderly manner I mostly paint what I want when I want and to the devil with order. After all this hobby is supposed to be.... er    FUN!!!

In other news the new Sash and Saber 28mm FIW range listing is up on the OGUK website.

At the moment it is showing as unavailable- and will until stock actually arrives.  But you can see the  list of figures and the UK prices.
I have never personally though it quite the ticket to sell stuff I have never actually seen or held in my hand.
 Now to be accurate I won't have everything- .Initially no snow shoe dudes and no Highlanders and not all of the regulars. they will come across in future or as chaps order them. You can order stuff by emailing me direct on and I will see if I can tag it on to my current order  or failing that  wait until the next one goes off to the USA.