Thursday, 23 April 2015

Salute in 48 Hours the mayhem begins ....

 Thursday morning- last day at home before Salute- we leave tomorrow at around 8.30 - set up on Friday is always so much better than the Saturday morning madness.
 See the post on the Old GloryUK newsdesk  for more details

Right I'm off to make sure all  pre-orders are ready for the lads who took the time to sort themselves out- It never hurts to double check !

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Destructive and Formidable.

 A while ago I bought David Blackmores book. Destructive and Formidable- British Infantry Firepower 1642-1765. Best thing I've read in years..
It bringsinto focus  lots of things we should consider on the wargames table but don't - in case it hurts our brains.
 When was the last time you heard the phrase "tactical doctrine"  around the table or in a set of rules? Now I've heard it used in the modern context more than once but rarely when considering he Black powder era.
 The idea that each bloke in a tricorn haat is exactly the same as all the others seems imbedded in wargamers psyche.
 The fact that it wasn't like that on the battlefield seems-especially theses days entirely beside the point.
 Blackmore make the point quite forcibly that the Dutch, English French Prussians- all had different firing methods. I suppose the Austrians did too  and in some cases different formations- yet all you see on the table are the same  half a dozen "elements or "bases" with figures in two ranks.
. Hmmm - stuff to think about 

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Tantobie Wargames and Tactical Society.

  Those of an acronymic turn of mind might want to look away now .....

We are  of course the T.W.A.T.S.  

40mm Iron Brigade advance- this shot from one of our few demo games- we do 1 each year at the Durham Wargames group Open day in June.


 Yes that IS  the name of our very unofficial  wargames group. Meeting at irregular intervals always on a Saturday at the Commercial Inn in Tantobie- a village across the valley from New Kyo .
 We have- based mostly on previous experience-done our level best to avoid all forms of organisation . At our inaugural meeting - in aforementioned  pub of course- we formed a Committee and our only resolution was to disband the committee.
 This is not as daft as it sounds. The group has no financial stuff to worry about or any group property so we have no need for "Officials" or "Officers"  and therefore can avoid the small- minded backbiting that all (but one) of the current membership have encountered to a greater or lesser extent at their various former clubs. The exception to this is of course Andrew the Tekkie- who until he encoutered us had never actually wargamed. We have about  half a dozen more or less regular memebrs plus several other chaps who drop in from time to time
 In theory we'd like tio have one meeting a month - always on a Satuardy usually near the end of any given month but real life often gets in the way Three of us are in the wargames biz so shows in some months stop the wargaming. Others work funny shifts. So it tends to be meetings by arrangement with me as the main conduit.
15mm Macedonians from TWATS memeber James Mains collection.. Just to show that not everything here is from Old Glory UK.

 Our considered preference is for Umpire controlled gamesas the whole concept of points systems is to us decidely un historical and deeply unmilitary and therefore Fie upon it. - Also its as boring as all hell unless you are the sort of Dude who has his  underpants numbered from the right and enjoys sorting out his sock drawer !  "List Building " is for pre-pubescants or  blokes who need to get out more!
 Aside from the very occaisional foray into Axis and Allies or Kingmaker  boardgames don't really do it for us,  Nor  really  does any kind of Fantasy or SCI- fI as I'm the only memebr who has even a small Sci- Fi collection . Games Workshop games are definitly out . Even given that some GW kits are useful  product and may fit into my own Sci-Fi collection - on MY terms . I refuse - and so do the rest of the members to buy into thier nasty illogical and really rather pathetic "universe"  wherein their  Games are set.  . Likewise Fantasy "games" . The whole commercial  Sci-fant hobby has  on the whole become-with a few honourable exceptions where clubs such as the Warlords  still use a bit of imagination - - too loud too childish and too narrow too repetitive  and too wallet catching for anyone with a thinking brain in working order.  to sully his hands with.. I actually find some of the junk out there insulting- not everyone is 14  grow up dudes ! This is NOT an attack on Fantasy per e but rather on the "games design concept"  which - becasue its easy stifles imagination- I have the same reservations about a good bit of sop called "historical" stuff too!.
"FUN" does not always mean removal of the brain or the sheeplike following of other brainless dweebs .
 Despite appearences we are an adult group. We meet in a pub with the legal restrictions that imposes.
 We play   "to period" rather than merely playing the same old same old game over and over again.
 Over the dozen years or so of our existance we've played the following periods and sizes - in no particular order- and including some where those armies have been sold on and I may have forgotten a few .....
 Napoleonic  in 15mm and 25mm., Classical Ancients 15mm- 10mm., ACW-40mm . AWI 15mm and 25mm .
 French Revolution in 25mm Marlburian 10mm. Modern 28mm and 15mm and 1/285th WW2 Western Desert and Normandy  15mm WW1 20mm and 15mm (1914 campaigns in both cases) Seven Years War 25mm and 10mm  ECW 25mm Russo- Japanese Naval- 1/600 WW1Navel 1/1200 WW2 navel 1/1200, ACW riverine 1/600th. British Colonial- NW frontier , Boxer Rising. Assorted rennaissence  campaigns- usuallu involving the Ottoman Turks ....
Some of my Janissaries

 The games playing is not particularly intense - after all this is supposed to be relaxing. Beer is not mandatory- some chaps have to drive to get to the pub! Space limitations mean only 1 multi-player game per meeting- but that the way we tend to like it. Its about  human interaction rather than self- centred points scoring " the craic " to put in Irishly  is at least as important as the gameplay- oftem more so- especially if a point comes up pertaining to the rules or indeed not pertaining to the rules..... All games are scenario driven - period , Rules scenario all being decided by the Umpire for that meeting- sometimes the players even get prior notice of period and possibly of rules and scenario. Most of the games invlve at least some "Active Umpiring" .
 The painting and modelling side is important tov some but by no means all of us but the hHistory  seems to be important to all of our current memebrship
 This is the way the T.W.A.TS. do it .
 We like it this way .....

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Old Glory UK News Desk.

 My splendid Tekkie Mattie  has just added a new feature to the Old Glory UK website. It may to the Bloggersphere look just like another Blog. Well thats what it is  but its use will be  purwely as a newsdesk for Old Glory UK rather than as this one a collection of Andys ramblings
 Log on to the OGUK website  in the normal manner and go to the foot of the page then click on Old Glory UK Newsdesk.
 Only a single post there currently as the feature is less than an hour old but like Topsy it will grow.
 News of New releases , Shows, shipments from the USA- much of the Old Glry related stuff that formerly appeared here will go to the News desk .
 Right back to the parcle packing ....

Friday, 27 March 2015

Arrivals ....

So I get up this morning and check my emails . Have one from UPS telling me a shipment is due for delivery today. Yipppeee thinks I   at last .
 Then I look a  little closer- 17 boxes/crates . Man!; that is a LOT of stuff.! I knew this order would be a biggie as its the first  re-supply I've had since late January.- the US show Cold Wars got in the way .
 Now aside from some ships and Building that are special orders for customers scattered about the globe there will also be a big bundle of stock . This means that once I've broken down and sorted these 17 boxes (no weekend off this  time then)  the back -orders will start to go out.. This should cover most of the chaps who are waiting for stuff ordered during the period of Jan and Feb and early March  this year. and for some who ordered later- depending upon what thay ordered. There will be some blokes who ordered AFTER  this order was sent in and some stuff that went out of stock in the intervening time - Catch them with my next re-supply which should land before Salute 2015 . I hope ....
Of course I'm also starting to build up stock levels for that show- see the previous post for details of the ranges we will be taking to Salute2015

11.17 am. Shipment arrives- 17 boxes- Here we go . Let the mayhem begin .....

14.08 About  half way through- Soldiers everywhere not to mention the odd fleet or two  and a few odd villages. It doesn't half give the knees some gyp.

Saturday Morning 11.18.  Been at it since 8.30  no weekends off here ! . Unpacked the last boxes then started on the back orders. Carole also down here  packing up the back orders and writing the addresses.- No you cant use printed labels as by the time you've farted about in the computer you can write 3 so I don't bother- and proofs of posting have to be written anyway

Sunday Morning 11.09  I must have been a evil B' stard in a former life ! -There is no rest for the wicked. Yesterday Carole and I packed up 63 parcels- outstanding orders, back orders and new orders.  I'd estimate we are roughly half way through the backlog  or perhaps a little more
 My Salute order goes off to the USA tomorrow. Hopwe they get it to me in time.

Monday 12.36 Just back fropm the Post Office. First load of parcels now on their way - Next lot go out tomorrow plus a few heavy ones by Interlingk Express. 

Sunday, 22 March 2015

More on Salute- 2015

 We now have our stand number TB14- as usual on a row  end so chaps can get round.. This time pretty near the main entrance.
 I'm slowly deciding what ranges we'll actually take
 Some decisions are deaed easy
Blue Moon 15mm- all we have the lot every little man in the bins. There should be some new stuff from the USA- High commands for the Seven Years War and a couple more for the Naps. Also I'm hoping for the first of the Napoleonic Transport from Blue Moon Limbers Caissons Ambulances and the like- no details yet but I'm hopeful.
 Command Decision 15mm the lot all we have- including True North  and of course including the modern ranges and my own marque Fireforce Miniatures ,Rhodesians, Falklands War and the various irregulars including - their motorbikes and pickup trucks - we do.
 Lil' Flyin Fokkers Aircraft models- the Lot ! WW2 and Postwar/moderns  - including 2 new ones
 the Pucara- for the Argentine forces in the Falklands and the A-4 Skyhawk- also for the FAA but equally flown by the Isrealis in the 6 Day War and by the Americans in Vietnam something over 60 different models in the range now all to 1/100th scale- and that doesn't include the WW1- which we don't bring to shows.
Sash and Saber 25mm ACW- all we have  the whole range.
Grand Scale 10mm - a selection of the Horse and Musket ranges- so Napoleonic ECW ,ACW, Marburians certainly  others if we have room. Ancients and medievals please pre-order.
Drabant 28mm and 40mm - All we have.  Including new stuff.
The new unarmoured Russian Infantry from Drabnat in 28mm

I already have a few of the armoured Russians and will have more by Salute I hope. The armoured Russians can be seen on an earlier post.
 Now the problem arises when I come to choose which of the Old Glory 28mm ranges to take to shows- Some are obvious- see the advert in the current MW. So  Colonials,Ottoman Turks and Italian Wars are definitely in the van that alone is an awful lot of differnet armies. The Colonial range alone covers  The Sikh Wars ,Indian mutiny, North West Frontier, Sudan Campaigns,  Zulu War and the Boer War-The Boxer Risng  oh and the Maori Wars  The Sons of the Desert range is now in that stack so the Frenc Foriegn Legion will be coming too- both in 28mm Old Glory - already in the Van in 15mm Blue Moon.  . So are Hundred Years War- after all we do a dammed fine range for that- more comprehensive than most and of course a bloody sight cheaper and with more variants
Yes I know that his pic is on the blog elsewhere but I like it and it shows a tiny number of our HYW range.
 We'll certainly be taking the Wars of Religion range too- that includes the later Landsknects in the very silly trousers ! (That's pluderhosen to afficionados- silly trousers if you are caught wearing them!!)
 Also on the van will go our Samurai range and the Wars of the Roses- with al tha lovely medieval artilery we do . 
So there are other ranges we may take
 Dracula and the Turkish Frontier - - which are of course Eastern European Late Medievsals- Hussites Polish Hungarians Transylvanians etc. I keep promising myself a Hussite army and its opposition- one day perhaps.
ECW- another large range of over 60 different pack- so it takes up space- one of my favourites - but that not the point.
This is going to be one of those posts I add to as I think of stuff - or indeed in response to questions and ideas from readers - so I'm off for a cup of Cha now ..... 

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Salute 2015 - The countdown Begins.

So it just over a month until Salute on April 25th  as hectic a  single day as we see at OGUKHQ.
 So far  we'll be bringing all of our normal show stock to the event. Precise details will appear on later posts.
 NEW items shouldinclude
 more Blue Moon 15mm Napoleonics and Seven Years War.
2 new Aircraft from Lil'flyin' Fokkers
 more 28mm releases from Drabant
 Watch this space for more details