Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Old Glory UK News Desk.

 My splendid Tekkie Mattie  has just added a new feature to the Old Glory UK website. It may to the Bloggersphere look just like another Blog. Well thats what it is  but its use will be  purwely as a newsdesk for Old Glory UK rather than as this one a collection of Andys ramblings
 Log on to the OGUK website  in the normal manner and go to the foot of the page then click on Old Glory UK Newsdesk.
 Only a single post there currently as the feature is less than an hour old but like Topsy it will grow.
 News of New releases , Shows, shipments from the USA- much of the Old Glry related stuff that formerly appeared here will go to the News desk .
 Right back to the parcle packing ....

Friday, 27 March 2015

Arrivals ....

So I get up this morning and check my emails . Have one from UPS telling me a shipment is due for delivery today. Yipppeee thinks I   at last .
 Then I look a  little closer- 17 boxes/crates . Man!; that is a LOT of stuff.! I knew this order would be a biggie as its the first  re-supply I've had since late January.- the US show Cold Wars got in the way .
 Now aside from some ships and Building that are special orders for customers scattered about the globe there will also be a big bundle of stock . This means that once I've broken down and sorted these 17 boxes (no weekend off this  time then)  the back -orders will start to go out.. This should cover most of the chaps who are waiting for stuff ordered during the period of Jan and Feb and early March  this year. and for some who ordered later- depending upon what thay ordered. There will be some blokes who ordered AFTER  this order was sent in and some stuff that went out of stock in the intervening time - Catch them with my next re-supply which should land before Salute 2015 . I hope ....
Of course I'm also starting to build up stock levels for that show- see the previous post for details of the ranges we will be taking to Salute2015

11.17 am. Shipment arrives- 17 boxes- Here we go . Let the mayhem begin .....

14.08 About  half way through- Soldiers everywhere not to mention the odd fleet or two  and a few odd villages. It doesn't half give the knees some gyp.

Saturday Morning 11.18.  Been at it since 8.30  no weekends off here ! . Unpacked the last boxes then started on the back orders. Carole also down here  packing up the back orders and writing the addresses.- No you cant use printed labels as by the time you've farted about in the computer you can write 3 so I don't bother- and proofs of posting have to be written anyway

Sunday Morning 11.09  I must have been a evil B' stard in a former life ! -There is no rest for the wicked. Yesterday Carole and I packed up 63 parcels- outstanding orders, back orders and new orders.  I'd estimate we are roughly half way through the backlog  or perhaps a little more
 My Salute order goes off to the USA tomorrow. Hopwe they get it to me in time.

Monday 12.36 Just back fropm the Post Office. First load of parcels now on their way - Next lot go out tomorrow plus a few heavy ones by Interlingk Express. 

Sunday, 22 March 2015

More on Salute- 2015

 We now have our stand number TB14- as usual on a row  end so chaps can get round.. This time pretty near the main entrance.
 I'm slowly deciding what ranges we'll actually take
 Some decisions are deaed easy
Blue Moon 15mm- all we have the lot every little man in the bins. There should be some new stuff from the USA- High commands for the Seven Years War and a couple more for the Naps. Also I'm hoping for the first of the Napoleonic Transport from Blue Moon Limbers Caissons Ambulances and the like- no details yet but I'm hopeful.
 Command Decision 15mm the lot all we have- including True North  and of course including the modern ranges and my own marque Fireforce Miniatures ,Rhodesians, Falklands War and the various irregulars including - their motorbikes and pickup trucks - we do.
 Lil' Flyin Fokkers Aircraft models- the Lot ! WW2 and Postwar/moderns  - including 2 new ones
 the Pucara- for the Argentine forces in the Falklands and the A-4 Skyhawk- also for the FAA but equally flown by the Isrealis in the 6 Day War and by the Americans in Vietnam something over 60 different models in the range now all to 1/100th scale- and that doesn't include the WW1- which we don't bring to shows.
Sash and Saber 25mm ACW- all we have  the whole range.
Grand Scale 10mm - a selection of the Horse and Musket ranges- so Napoleonic ECW ,ACW, Marburians certainly  others if we have room. Ancients and medievals please pre-order.
Drabant 28mm and 40mm - All we have.  Including new stuff.
The new unarmoured Russian Infantry from Drabnat in 28mm

I already have a few of the armoured Russians and will have more by Salute I hope. The armoured Russians can be seen on an earlier post.
 Now the problem arises when I come to choose which of the Old Glory 28mm ranges to take to shows- Some are obvious- see the advert in the current MW. So  Colonials,Ottoman Turks and Italian Wars are definitely in the van that alone is an awful lot of differnet armies. The Colonial range alone covers  The Sikh Wars ,Indian mutiny, North West Frontier, Sudan Campaigns,  Zulu War and the Boer War-The Boxer Risng  oh and the Maori Wars  The Sons of the Desert range is now in that stack so the Frenc Foriegn Legion will be coming too- both in 28mm Old Glory - already in the Van in 15mm Blue Moon.  . So are Hundred Years War- after all we do a dammed fine range for that- more comprehensive than most and of course a bloody sight cheaper and with more variants
Yes I know that his pic is on the blog elsewhere but I like it and it shows a tiny number of our HYW range.
 We'll certainly be taking the Wars of Religion range too- that includes the later Landsknects in the very silly trousers ! (That's pluderhosen to afficionados- silly trousers if you are caught wearing them!!)
 Also on the van will go our Samurai range and the Wars of the Roses- with al tha lovely medieval artilery we do . 
So there are other ranges we may take
 Dracula and the Turkish Frontier - - which are of course Eastern European Late Medievsals- Hussites Polish Hungarians Transylvanians etc. I keep promising myself a Hussite army and its opposition- one day perhaps.
ECW- another large range of over 60 different pack- so it takes up space- one of my favourites - but that not the point.
This is going to be one of those posts I add to as I think of stuff - or indeed in response to questions and ideas from readers - so I'm off for a cup of Cha now ..... 

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Salute 2015 - The countdown Begins.

So it just over a month until Salute on April 25th  as hectic a  single day as we see at OGUKHQ.
 So far  we'll be bringing all of our normal show stock to the event. Precise details will appear on later posts.
 NEW items shouldinclude
 more Blue Moon 15mm Napoleonics and Seven Years War.
2 new Aircraft from Lil'flyin' Fokkers
 more 28mm releases from Drabant
 Watch this space for more details

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Its about time you painted some soldiers!

 With the current burst of agonising over "The Hobby"  you wonder what has happend to actually doing some of it
 Work has slowed down my painting of late  but here are some 40mm Sash and Sabre Highlanders that I actually managed to finish. They will - despite thier Jacobite cockades end up in my 40mm Montrose Scots rebels force that I'm slowly building however they will also go into a nascent Jacobite force that is entirely possible in 40mm with a bit of fiddling about and ingenuity
 Highlander of "Clan Palatic" uttering their fearsome warcry "Gie us a dram Ya Basta!"  

 I do like this pack
 Their are 8 body variants- with separate heads and a selection of weapons- Lochaber axe broadsword, pistol and Targe. Sash and Saber are promising Archers, Musketeers and a command pack . The idea being that with careful selection you can do highland units from the 1640s through to 1745. Chris has even muttered about some mounted Highland Gentlemen  but I've no timetable for these..

28mm Irish Gallowglass from the Old Glory wars of the Roses range. 
 Continuing the Celtic theme I found these two in a spares box and decided to slap a bit of colour on 'em . I've always fancied a Medieval Irish army simply becasue its so different from the norm and of course gets out of that samey gamey rut that the games designer dudes want you to stay in.
 Since I'm a modeller nad historian fiorst and foremost and actual "gaming" comes a long way down the list then I don't suppose by today's strange standards I'm a wargamer at all.


The miniatures gaming hobby is now so diverse and so fragmented there is no real catch all term that fits any more. This is part of the problem- assuming there is one- everyone has an axe to grind and often can't see past it..The result of the current emphasis upon games to the exclusion of all else by much of the public face has left those who also enjoy the modelling , research, and indeed all the "other stuff" feeling somewhat out in the cold perhaps. Killing demo games at show will of course only make thissituation worse. Show might then get filled with teenagers wanting to play "Kill the space marine" or "Torture the Zombie" or nay other bit of 30minute silliness but they won't spend any cash - so why should I spend a grand to go to the show
 Riddle me that dudes !

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

What is the point of little soldiers !

 Bearing in mind all the recent hot- air that is being expended upon "The Future of the Hobby" (and indeed is still being expended)  it comes as a bit of a surprise to realise that little of  said hot air has mentioned  what used to be - back in ye olden tymes  considered by many the most important  part. The actual toy soldiers . Few if any questions have been asked about this since the late 80s/ Early 90s - there was a pretty fierce debate in the pages of the old WI as I recall involving no less a figure than Paddy Griffith amongst others suggesting that toy soldiers were largely irrelevant.
  Now as it happens my version of this hobby has always been toy soldier  driven- or miniatures  in  the correct NEWSPEAK terminology.. So my question is how important are the toy soldiers to you.
 I know MY answer- without them this  hobby would be  even more pointless than it sometimes seems .
 The  little lead dudes give you something to look at during the tedium of the dice rolling- during those few seconds when you don't have your face in your pint!
 Jesting apart- the modelling and collecting part of this hobby has ALWAYS been as important if not more so then the mere gaming. At their best toy/model soldiers  are a minor art form and even at a lower level give a visual impression of a battle that only recently- and then not always- has been surpassed by computer games. This is especially true now when  as  general rule the "gaming" for many  means another pointless and rather futile skirmish game of one sort or another where period knowledge is not only non-existant but actually denigrated in favour of "2970 WAYS to Roll a 3 sided dice " or similar twaddle.
 The most recent issue of WSS had a couple of articles germain to my subject- though it may not have seemed so.
 Sam Mustaphas piece on Rules writing - this told me more about the dismal knowledge of a certain breed of games players than I wished to know.  Frankly I was appalled- not by Sam's article-  but by the frankly dumb- assed, dick-witted ,shyte- brained questions he claimed to have been asked by "wargamers" - "Can Cavalry form square !!!" "Can you fire through a line of troops to hit a line behind them!! " . What sort of  thick  pillocks ask such dull witted questions?
GAMES players- i.e. those who want no knowledge of  history or period but only seek to manipulate the game to their advantage . Since Sam's article pertained to his ACW "game" Longstreet  you'd have thought that some knowledge of the ACW was a perquisite.  but no,  games players have to be reined in  or they will do all sorts of silly things to win their silly games. THAT is why many rules are written in such a turgid technical fashion . You know what , I see his point. You'd think the toy soldiers would help . The LOOK of and ACW unit should give you some infromation  but the gap between "Game designer dudes" and the actual toy soldiers is now so immense that I wonder if it can ever be closed.
 The second article looked at the death of shows- one of the authors remedies was to ban display and demo games and make all games PP- talk about short sighted- alienate hafl of your volunteers why don't you ? Since he also wanted to invite dolls houses and assorted craft stall in as well  it makes you wonder.
 Losing demos at shows would  inevitably drop the quality of  games. I've already seen this with the awful rash of boxed games at Battleground and to a lesser extent at Derby . I'm far from anti- the craft stuff coming in - always need at least some craft items- and some traders already provide such but doing away with volunteer demos will kill the historical part of the hobby.- Bear in mind that half of last years games at Salute were Fantasy types and almost ALL of those were put on by GW wanabees each carefully narrowing the once wide spectrum of our once open -ended hobby . And all of these GAMES driven rather than toy- soldier driven.
 There is an argument that says that the toy soldiers are mere counter decoration- and lots of rules follow this precept. Its not with out some merit - sometimes for certain types of game it works well but - and its a big but - the toy soldiers at least hint at the human side of what we do. Which IMHO we for get at our peril

Sunday, 22 February 2015

For an old Friend.

 About an hour ago I had a phonecall from a lady  whose step- Father- in Law has become too ill  with Parkinsons disease to carry on his hobby.
 Some of you out there will know him well .
 I'm speaking of Ex Manchester Area and Durham wargamer
 Dave Hulland. now in his eighties and in a Care Home.
. Those of us who know Dave  are saddened by this
 His  daughter in law has been taked with  sorting out and  disposing of Dave's collection and the poor girl has a job on her hands not knowing a single thing about our esoteric Hobby. She doen't want to just bin the lot !  but of course doesn't know a Byzantine from a hole in the road.
 Dave was  a great one for Ancient Warfare- I well remember his 6mm Macedonians. and Celts and Late Romans
Some  splendid f 15mm Late Romans and Goths and some Early Italians also spring to mind.
 Dave also had an avid interest in the American Civil War.
 More recently Dave had 10mm Byzantines off me and some 15mm Confederates.
 His library- especially for the Ancient World was  also pretty dammned good !
 There is a fair chunk of unpainted stuff too - mostly 10mm and 15mm
 I'm pretty sure several of my regualr readers  know Dave and one or two at least are closer geographically than I am 
 Now this rather nice collection  has to be broken up and sold.
 I've been given permission to pot his Duaghter- In Laws email here  so  intrested parties can perhaps help her with this

 you should contact sandra.green@talktalk.net

I'm sure we all wish Dave and his family well.