Sunday, 10 February 2019

Painting services.

Now in my line of work I come across an awful lot of figure painters. Some very very good indeed. Some not so and some middling. Prices are the same ranging from a good deal to  WTF!! is he having a larf ! Now all of these are of course subjective value judgements not facts. People will pay for what they want so some bloke will be quite prepared to pay £30.00 for a single 28mm foot figure.  Especially if they only want a dozen for their whole"army" . Personally I won't. Hell will freeze over first. Of course I can paint a bit myself but do not have the stamina to be a full time painter. I like to paint what I fancy when I fancy and it is never- for me- about "finishing an army". No army of mine is "finished" unless I sell the lot, usually because it has not been used on the table for a few years. As I have said previously once I sort stuff out quite a few things will have a "For Sale" sign over them . This will include units by some professional painters past and present.
These little 10mm dudes are part of James Main collection. The figures are Old Glory Gradscale 10mm. Jim has also painted numerous units for me and does take commissions but is not a full time painter. He is a builder by trade. 
These 15mm Old Glory Africans were painted for me by Jez at Shakespear Studios. I have always found him very reliable.

However over the years I have used more than a few painters and even pursued one through small claims court- which amongst other things showed me that there are painters out there who are complete arseholes.
 To counter that however many are not. Many are sterling chaps.. Of those in my collection who are still working  full time as figure painters I heartily recommend the following Shakespeare Studios- Jez does the most excellent 15mm moderns including camo and is tasty at other stuff too- including Napoleonics. He did my Falkland War and Rhodesians as well as African Guerrillas. Oh and a lovely battalion of Austrian -Hungarian Grenadiers. All are on the Old Glory UK website. Dave Jarvis  painted stuff for me before he went full time and before I was OGUK. I only have 1 unit of his left- again on the website these being Sikh Wars Ghorracharra  cavalry.
These Sash and Saber 28mm Rebs were some of the first models Darren did for me back in the 1990s 
Old Glory 28mm Turkish Dellis- painted again by Darren Taylor
A bit of wierdness- Cairo Janissaries and Mamluks in 28mm . Old Glory figures again painted by Darren Taylor. The Napoleon in Egypt project there were for stalled a few years ago. I may revive it.

However when I was going back through my collection I realised that I have quite a few units painted by Darren Taylor- a chap I thought had stopped working- but I was wrong as we reconnected over a mutual client recently. Darren - even as I type is still at it. Over the years he has painted all sorts for me ACW, ECW Ottoman Turks and Napoleonics. The header picture for my first post of this blog are Kings Lifeguard that he painted for me in the late 1990s - still going strong.

These Sash and Saber Prussians were painted for me by Jim Main - as Hessians for my AWI collection. 
So yes there are plenty of painters out there doing a fine job but me I still like to paint my own. Some how I gives me a better sense of ownership of the units or armies in question.

More of Darren's Sash and Saber ACW in my collection. 
These 40mm Thirty Years War figures - Romanoff ans Sash and Saber were painted by me. Included here  simply to prove I do not only use painting services.

Thursday, 24 January 2019

Floating about in the South China sea

The T.W.A.T.S.  most recent game was a modern Naval affair run by Andrew the tekkie

The link to his excelent Blog Tantobie Internet Tattler gives a detailed account of the fighting which ddidn't quite start the Pacific Rim War- but just might at a later date

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

NEW YEAR. Resolutions or Revolution?

OKay so here were are on January 1st 2019- well it was when I started writing this . A New Year. Will it make any difference?  Well prices will go up and the country to the dogs but that is simply normal . It has been - apparently happening since the Dutch sailed up the Medway !

So in the merry  hope of fiddling while Rome burns I am for the while going to ignore all of that shit and concentrate on important stuff such as what I am going to do with my figure collections and in toy soldier world in the coming year.

 Well in a nutshell it is going to be a case of expansion and contraction at the same time.
 Physically impossible I hear you cry ! Well no not really as I am going to expand some armies and  dispose of others that are no longer used or of interest.
 Indian Mutiny and indeed India generally- I am even starting to think about an early Sikh force for the very late 18th century, Rohillas too- should be fun sourcing those bits I can't get from various Old Glory ranges. Even Moghuls are a possibility.

Most recent addition to the Indian Mutiny forces. Old Glory 28mm but from the Crusades range and the Indian Muting range- mix in rather well/ 

Shinyloo and its offshoots will continue. Indeed a few more have been finished with more on the painting table.

More "Shinyloo" Scots Greys. Stadden 30mm of considerable age.
Old Glory 28mm Napoleonic Bavarians. Another shiny project slowly taking shape..

 ECW in its various forms is of course a constant and yes I want to do more games and continue to expand my armies both the Retro and Modern styles. I have about 50 or so ECW Scots foot to base  I I will also expand the 40mm though this tends to veer more toward the TYW  well sort of. Nevertheless a good few are later ECW for the 1648 campaign or even 1650-51. I do like 40mm for  small scale actions, the petit guerre as it were. Still need to settle on a set of rules. I have Featherstone which with a bit of fiddling might well fit the bill. Even if it is crap it will be better than the dross that is Pikemans Lament.
These 28mm Old Glory ECW cavalry are definitely staying 
and these.
and these 40mm Thirty Years War- Due for expansion I think.
40mm Scots too. My own Romanoff figures with Sash and Saber heads 

However the 40mm ECW is more of a modeling project than strictly a wargaming one. I make them because I like them. The same goes for the 40mm Wars of the Roses. there will be more of these as I want to do at least one and possibly more games in the coming year- Battle of Hexham perhaps or even Nibley Green.

In the smaller scales I still have a bundle of 15mm Ancient Germans to base up and the new Blue Moon Crusades range is really calling to me .
 I also fancy expending the 15mm Moderns but to be honest that is not a priority at the moment but maybe later in the year I will get a moderns kick on. You never can tell.

As for stuff that has done its time and needs to move on. Well 40mm Dark Ages and 40mm ACW  are top of the list and I am seriously thinking of thinning out my 28mm SYW collection. I also have a bundle of 28mm Moderns that have not seen a firefight for several years. Not since I went to 15mm for that period. None of this is pressing as I need to actually count the Dark Ages- roughly 50 Vikings/ Saxons and maybe 40 Normans  including 15 mounted knights ish !

These 40mm  lads- and their infantry as well as the Viking/ Saxon opposition could be finding a new home.

However we shall see.  After all it is only Mid- January