Thursday, 10 February 2011

More little men

Well there you go . I've now officially started a 15mm Marburian project- don't know where it will end- simply because I'm not one of those tedious chaps who plans out his army to the last button before starting out. Thats no fun - part of the interest is the journey, not merely the destination, actually playing with the little lead monsters is only a very small tip of a much larger intellectual iceberg and often not the most interesting tip at that. So now John has painted me some Bavarian Curassiers and Guns to go with the first infantry and is doing another infatry battalion I have a beginning. Hardly an army yet but enough for the display case at shows - my next gig being Salute in April - and yes this will expand as a chap who never really cottoned to 15mm I do like these little fellas.


  1. Andy,

    Might I ask what rules do you plan on using for your Marlburians?

    The WSS is a period I've been thinking about (in 15mm as well) . . . but I've not settled upon a rule set.

    -- Jeff

  2. Magnificent - welcome to the dark side that is 15mm Marlburian wargaming... :o))

    I'm assuming these little fellows are Blue Moon (??) castings which I've not yet got in my armies - they look lovely - must get an order in!

  3. Jeff I'll probably use Warfare in the Age of Reason with a few local modifications They are simple - moderantely old school , and can take a lot of punishment and fiddling without destroying the game.
    Steve Yes they are Bluemoon- largish 15mm about the same size as AB or Eureka or indeed the old OG15s

  4. Nice figures, first time I've seen Bluemoon WSS painted, they look very nice.

  5. Those are very nice indeed. Previously i'd have said the venerable Dixon range was the nicest 15mm Marlburian range out there - maybe Bluemoon take the title now (though they are a few mm bigger than Dixon). Cheers.

  6. DC Many moons ago I had a Dixon army and agree with you. Bluemoon are bigger- which is why I like 'em the Dixons were tiny .