Thursday, 7 February 2013

More Moskovite Magnificence!!

This morning I recieved- courtesy ofDrabant owner Nick Bokarev a couple of pictures of the newest 28mm Darkages pack painted up to Nick usual high standard. Stock of these are already on their way to me and I'm simply awaiting the Post Office to deliver- not only those but re-stock of the other packs in the range as well as some new 40mm so Here we have without further comment from me Front and rear views of this new set.


  1. Very nice looking troops, I do like the colors!

    1. Phil- not down to me these are Nick Bokarevs work - he sent me the pics . I expect stock of this new set to arrive any day now.

  2. The nice postman has just delivered a box containing my stock of these new Saxon Huscarles they are every bit as sweet as you'd expect.. I'll get them up on the OGUK website as soon as I can but if you can't wait you can order them the old fashioned way by phone otr of course by email.