Wednesday, 2 July 2014

New Fireforce Miniatures Masters

 Had a nice parcel yesterday from Pete the Sculpt. Thext 12 new figures in the growing  Fireforce Miniatures 15mm figure ranges.  All for post WW2 conflicts these are
 a/.FFM3 Rhodesian Troopies Command.
 4 poses
Mortarman with mortar
 RPG man
Now in theory the Rhodesians used the 3.5inch "Bazooka" but all the photos I've seen  show RPGs as the captured so many of them that they had more than they did bazookas so it seemed obvious
Rhodesian Command- the radio man has "big means"  on his back  the ability to contact the Airforce and bring in the Hawker Hunters...

 Dress is the usual mixture but with the cap more in evidence than in the 2 already released troopies packs likewise long trousers rather than just nutcracker shorts- both were worn .
b/. FFA6 Argentinian Special Forces.
 4 poses- all armed with Sterling Pratchett SMG
Pete has put plenty of action into these little Dudes.
I love the active poses of this set of Argentinian "Buzo Tactico of  Units  601 or 602

c/.FFB6 British Special Forces-
Actually SAS for the Pebble Island raid
 again 4 different poses with plenty of action .

A couple of shots of the SAS set  .Again loads of action rahter than the same old same old ... .
Packs in all the above cases will be 12 figures- 3 of each pose. These- along with afore mentioned Hawkwer Hunter and the  re-moulded Alouette 3 Helicopter should be out in time for Claymore .
 Hopefully I'll also have  the 3 Scorpion/Scimitar/Sabre models that went to the mouldmakers in the USA 3 months ago....

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  1. These are now available along with the Hawker Hunter