Friday, 29 August 2014

Hawker Hunter

 Well I managed it at last.  I finally got my 1/100th scale Hawker Hunter in production and available.
 So I'm just a bit chuffed.
As a mainstay of the RAF during the late 1950- early 60s the Hunter  became an iconic machine. Under RAF auspices Hunters served in Aden in a ground attack role.
 However it was as an export model that the Hunter served in numerous  airforeces worlwide and saw considerable combat scoring Victories against such diverse aircraft as F-86 Sabre  MirageIII and A4 Skyhawk. Fighting in the Jordanian, Iraqi  Rhodesian and Indian Air forces amongst many others.

 These tow pictures show my first Hunter in Rhodesian Air fore colours. No1 Sqn used Hunters throughtout the bush War of the 70s. Usually in the ground attack role though they were  also used for "overwatch" missions on externals in case  Tanzanian or Mozambique Migs  wanted to play- but they never did.
 I hope to add more jets to this range  all to 1/100th scale - to match the ground troops. Next up should be a Pucara for the Falklands war (not strictly a jet) then hopefully A-4  Mig 17  and F-86 and just maybe a Vampire  but we'll see what occours .....


  1. Replies
    1. Did he fly Hunters?
      We now have the Pucara and the A4 Skyhawk out- but I have not yet painted mine ! - Next up will be the F-86 and the Mig 15 later this year

    2. Fixed them!
      Will take a look.
      Posted comment on your 'food and drink'

    3. I knew an Andrew Copestake, from Devon though

    4. Definitely wasn't me. My family are origonally from Liecertshire and Notts

    5. Shame, wouldn't have thought there were that many with same name!
      Apparently the Vulcan is doing some last flights over parts of would've seen/heard it yesterday...did you? Trying to find south west info

    6. Copestake is not that common a surname but there are a few about other than our tribe. There is an Andrew C who works for the National trust and another who is some kind of Classical musician .....

    7. Thank you for that! Am pursuing the NT option but as yet can't find an email for him!