Tuesday, 15 September 2015

More shiny dudes

 Well despite the  rush of recent shows and the preparing for the second biggest show of our year- Thats Donnington or Derby World Wargames if you prefer -   only Salute is bigger- I'm still managing the odd half- hour here and there at the paintng table.
 I've evn painted a few 15mm- other than tanks which is a minor miracle. Nevertheless Mostly I've been shining on
Shiny or what!
More shiny- the Shinyloo French cavalry growing slowly . I'll be accused of having and army next !
 I now have almost enough of the shiny lads for a small game - possibly featherstonian possibly Youngian.... that still remains to be seen.

Not shiny but short- you saw them here first ! 

The picture above shows some of the soon to be released Blue Moon 15mm Dacians- these lads have their choppers out with a vengeance. I'm also told that there will be Imperial Romans and Sarmations in the mix as well. I've also seen other Dacian Infantry. I assume- but don't KNOW that these will be out at Fall In or thereabouts.
 but you saw them here first !!!

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