Friday, 8 January 2016

16 tons and whaddya get- another year Older ...

I suppose nobody remembers Tennessee Earnie Ford these days .........
 Unfortunately I did.. now I can't get the bloody tune out of my head ....

So 2015 is gone - done and dusted over, finito benito !
 What next?
 2016  of course
 So what's appearing ?
 Speaking from an OGUK perspective first  I'll be adding 2 new aircraft to the range in the next few days- an F-86 Sabre  Flown by lots of different air-forces from the 50s to the early 70s with combat service in Korea and Pakistan. Also I'll have the Mig 15  which also saw extensive service in Korea and yes a Mig-17 is on the cards for later in the year.
 In terms of  figure models I have a few more 40mm Wars of the Roses to add to the range- these have been a while coming  but should appear by the end of this month. There are 4 more armoured Men-at -Arms and 2 more Longbowmen. These will be available in packs of 2 for a fiver a pack. So no more expensive than the more outrageous 28mm these days and cheaper than a good few.
 I'll also be re-releasing the currently unavailable ex-Jacdaw 40mm Thirty Year War  miniatures. These will be added to the Romanoff listing for the same period. This will mean that the whole range - Foot, Cuirassiers  Horse and gun and crew  will be available again.

 ...and from across the Pond??
I know Blue Moon have bundles of new 15mm planned- pictures of the Dacians have appeared on the Old Glory News Desk Imperial Romans and possibly Sarmations are about the place as well. Can't be more specific than that currently as Blue Moon tend to time new releases to coincide with the 3 big US shows Cold Wars, Historicon and Fall- in - which appear in that order through the year. There are some new Napoleonics due- Hopefully I'll get them with my next shipment- due before York show  Swedish Hussars , Bavarian Chevau- leger and the first of the Duchy of Warsaw range- check out the Old Glory Newsdesk for more info .

...As for Myself

Well no NEW  projects but continuations of those I'm already doing as the fancy takes me. More "Shinyloo" obviously, lots more ECW- the target is to get representative units for all the main combatant armies as well as having larger forces  in general. So maybe I'll reach 300 finished  royalist cav this year plus all the rest and possibly actually get the scots onto the table
Some of my 60 or so finished Covenanter- just need to get the flags on them..
Some more Moderns in 15mm definitely. Yet currently I'm painting some Stadden AWI for our next game. We'll be using "British Grenadier" so I suppose I should read them
 Gawd I hate reading rules .......

I may also get a few more NW Frontier items finished.
No the main thrust will be ECW - but as ever there will be diversions into other areas.
 Blog posts- well the idea will be to continue to think about what we do and why  rather than becoming simply drones for the GDD's
 the Resistance will live on!


  1. Not exactly relevant to anyone but my wife did this internet thing that looks up what song was #1 on the day you was born. 16 Tons was the one for her. It appears to have become a sort of subconscious life path.

    1. it was certainly a song of my early childhood though why I recall such a thing is anybody's guess.