Thursday, 4 August 2016

Situation Normal All """""" UP

 So here we go again. The Economy shrinking almost as fast as it did in 2008. The pound worth about three quarters  of a pound of  """". and the right hand having no idea what the left hand is doing. so is this SNAFU  or FUBAR.
 Well neither it is just normal for  UK in the 21st century. (so SNAFU I suppose!!)
Is this getting worse? Well possibly- certainly the propensity to blame the technology is now widespread.
 A couple of personal examples
 I recently got invoiced TWICE for the same job- different account numbers even a slightly different business name but for the same job. It took almost 2 weeks to sort this due to the other end not answering emails and it "not being my job" until eventually  I finally got to actually speak to the right person who cleared it up in about 2 minutes. They had "accidentally" duplicated my accounts due to the computer programme. Oh and I was to take no notice of the threat of legal action .
 Give me strength!
Another- currently as I type this I'm waiting for UPS to deliver 8 crates only 24 hours late which they "held in the warehouse" but did not inform me they had done this or why they had until I chased 'em, When pressed (after about an hour farting about with websites trying to find the correct phone number) they merely said they hadn't contacted me due to "pressure of work and holidays". So because Jemima or whatever is off lying on her(or indeed his) arse somewhere I have to do a weeks work in about 15 hours  instead of about 24.
 Give me strength!
Now assuming the UPS website is correct I should get the gear in the next 2 hours or so so those lads waiting for stuff will start to get it as soon as I've unpacked. Claymore pre-orders should be fine and we should also have a good bundle of new stuff at the show- though it may not be in any listing yet as until I unpack  I don't know precisely what is there.I'm expecting more Blue Moon Napoleonics and a bundle of new CD tanks both WW2 and Modern.

Oh and in case you are wondering the above are just this weeks catalogue of cock up!!


  1. Weren't we just sold a bill of goods when computers really took off in the 1990s, and the public was promised that these devices would make everyone's life easier?

    Best Regards,


  2. Stoke you are not wrong ! But they do make life easier as it is all their fault apparently!
    Anyhow my boxes of toys turned up and are now being unpacked and sorted I could have done without the extra stress though!!

  3. We were quite recently charged over £3,000 vat by DHL on an import instead of £300 because of a 'computer error'. We were then hounded for payment by them for their mistake! It took me the best part of a day (including 45 minutes in a phone queue to the VAT office) to sort it out and get DHL to agree that we did not need to pay it until the next quarter (where it could be offset on our VAT) return. Amazing really and I should have invoiced them for my time but couldn't face that! All those Brexiters in small businesses don't realize the fun they will have importing from Europe soon!!!

    1. Plus ca change !!! Fortunately I don't import from the EU- but I do sell to them so I was never a brexiteer. Indeed I'd no decision in the political arena has ever made me so bloody angry and ashamed of my "countrymen" - wel half of 'em anyhow,