Tuesday, 29 May 2018


Well finally my shipment arrived- surprisingly a whole day earlier than UPS told me it would. 12 boxes stuffed to the gunnels with little metal men - and a few ships some waggons and the oddbuilding.
 Nearly finished unpacking- 1 more box to go but the knees temporarily protesting so taking a very short break. Stuff I have found includes some excellent Raven Banner games 28mm ACW- all new 20 new codes. Need to sort out exactly what each one is before they go onto the site but they are seriously tasty - even though I've gone off the ACW .
 However my favourites of this shipment have to be the additions to the Blue Moon Italian Wars range- the Generals packs for each side are stupendous and I love the little Italian Infantry with their large oval shields almost Sforza- ing me to paint them ....


  1. That's good news. I am very interested in the Raven Banner AcW bods in greatcoat at right shoulder shift.

  2. I have 19 new Raven banner codes - in addition to those I already have that are on the website. Once I have precise pricings . The new items will appear on the UK site- some of them are not even on the Raven Banner sightyet.