Tuesday, 28 February 2012

More Marlburian stuff

Considering that the War of Spanish Succession is a period I havn't fought for years and don't have much of a collection of it takes up sa fair bit of time and space here. Perhaps thats simply because I like the uniforms and at least some of the available figures. In 15/18mm I now have about half a dozen units- mostly Bavarian and in 28mm some Saxon artlillery- seen on an ealier post- and some poorly finished Saxon infantry as yet unbased (after all I've only had them 6 or 7 years....) However I also have a very few Les Higgins Jason 30mm of which this mounted figure is one of the only 2 cavalry I have- both the same figure. I already painted one as Marlborough so I thought I'd do this fella as King William III who was in military terms his predecessor as he died in 1702 . This little chap - as a figure is atleast 35 years old as its been out of production since the mid 70s. Wears well doesn't he ?
Where the period really engages my attention is in 40mm thanks to those superb offerings from Drabant . A bit of fiddling about has enables me to add a French gun and 2 crew to the collection- another crewman is on his way-
Given the current rate of progress I should have enough for a game by the time I snuff it....

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  1. Excellent! How did you do the shading on the horse?