Tuesday, 28 February 2012

More Marlburian stuff

Considering that the War of Spanish Succession is a period I havn't fought for years and don't have much of a collection of it takes up sa fair bit of time and space here. Perhaps thats simply because I like the uniforms and at least some of the available figures. In 15/18mm I now have about half a dozen units- mostly Bavarian and in 28mm some Saxon artlillery- seen on an ealier post- and some poorly finished Saxon infantry as yet unbased (after all I've only had them 6 or 7 years....) However I also have a very few Les Higgins Jason 30mm of which this mounted figure is one of the only 2 cavalry I have- both the same figure. I already painted one as Marlborough so I thought I'd do this fella as King William III who was in military terms his predecessor as he died in 1702 . This little chap - as a figure is atleast 35 years old as its been out of production since the mid 70s. Wears well doesn't he ?
Where the period really engages my attention is in 40mm thanks to those superb offerings from Drabant . A bit of fiddling about has enables me to add a French gun and 2 crew to the collection- another crewman is on his way-
Given the current rate of progress I should have enough for a game by the time I snuff it....


  1. Excellent! How did you do the shading on the horse?

  2. This post seems to have been getting the oddvisitor over the last week despite it's being several years old.
    As for the horse- the simply answer is thin washes of paint over the basecoat but of course all over a WHITE undercoat. While black undercoat works on certain things I never use it for horses.