Thursday, 2 February 2012

Vapnartak- York sunday 5th Feb.

The title says it all. We'll be off to this fine show gett8ing up at first sparrow fart on Sunday morning for the 90 minutes or so drive south to York. Hopefully my shipment from the USA will arrive in time Currently its at East Midlands airport - or was at 11 pm last night so all is hopefully well , Its a pretty big shipment so the VAT and duty bill will be a bit nasty but so it goes Dave and his rich mates need to stay rich otherwise they might have top stop looking so smugand self satisfied. However Sod 'em the point here is that I'll have a good burst of new stuff from Bluemoon- more 15mm ACW and Napoleonics as well as re-supplies of other stuff from them and from Old Gloryand Sash and Saber. Now York is a fine show worth a few hours of anyones time so if you read this and are at the show copme and say hello
The picture shows my WW2 Italian tanksall in 15mm .Recently the TWATS did a game based loosly on the battle of Sidi Rezagh in the Western Desert. and your gentle upmpire cocked it up royally. I simply forgot to slow the British reaction time with the result that the Italians and the Afrika Korps were handed a truly horrendous kicking. Of course the British were cock -a -hoopand to be fair it was only with hindsight that I saw my error. Nevertheless the next time I run that scenario I'll be a little more careful.


  1. It's not easy, being God... Nice tanks, by the way!

  2. Yep God has a hard time...
    However at least UPS delivered my stuff. Now to unpack it alland sort it before Sunday.