Monday, 23 July 2012

Black Powder ... damp squib?- a revision.

Last Saturday saw 5 TWATS in the pub again- nothing unusual there Gaentle reader but after my previous strictures upon "Black Powder" Farmer Dave thought we'd have another Bash so putting down his sheep for the afternoon Dave brings along his splendid 10mm Malburian collection and along with Tom and Neal the Numbers elects to run a game using the aforementioned Black Powder. Big Andy grimaces at this point - perhaps even muttering the while into his pint. However in the event all went well. I'm forced to revise my opinion of the rules. Not the book you understand - which is still full of pointless guff and twaddle- but the rules themselves which, in the hands of chaps who have the patience to wade through aforesaid guff and twaddle, worked rather well. Massivly better than I expected. The armies helped, based the way they were - the set unit size- which I hate for 28mm games - is a boon for the smaller scales which are bytheir nature rather more impersonal Infantery were based in "Half Battalions"- so 2 to a battalion and cavalry in Squadrons so 1-3 in a British regiment depending upon strength at the time and place. See dave spelndid blog Northumbrian Wargamer- as my pics are locked inside my camera the USB lead having gone walkies! Nevertheless a fine time had by all and while I still have issues with the rules- too generic for a start- although Malburian it could have been any time in the first 75 years of the 18th century- the flow- despite the IGOUGO system was pretty good. So as the rules fill about a third of the book Black Powder is worth a tenner of anybody's money... pity its thirty quid !1

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  1. Not quite a convert but progress at least, good game Andy.
    I'll throw in a more direct link for the blog to save people buggering about: