Saturday, 7 July 2012

Look what I found- Part III

Well here we go again another box another army I'd sort of forgotten. To be honest "Army" is putting it a bit strong. There are a total of 73 painted 28mm figures- all Old Glory from the Wars of Religion range. Yes I knew I had them but not where or how many there were. Like quite a lot of the part armies and odd units that I've accunulated during 20 years in this business it tends to start with "Hmm New Range- better do a unit or two for the display case at shows and for some photos" Quite often that's as far as it gets. I've a list of units of various sorts for sale Many pro-painted that have done their duty and had their photos taken. Time permitting- and once I decide which ones can go the journey I'll post on here with pictures. I know I have Mycenaen and Trojan chariots I can say goodbye to and some Polish Winged Hussars. Like wise some Cowboys and Pirates- all of which have appeared on the OGUK website . However when it come to these lads I can't make my mind up
English troops of the mid 16th century. The Earl of Leicester took troops like this to help the Dutchagainst Spain.
Landsknect Musketeers of the 1560-80s period in very very silly trousers! According to Montluc you could here them coming a mile away- so they don't get to surprise you - startle Yes Appall possibly but not surpise ! Now as for other stuff I must sort out. I've a pro-painted 1st Maori Wars collection somewhere. Never been out of its box since I bought it 12 or so years ago ......


  1. Nice looking figures, love them trousers too!

  2. I think your criteria for getting rid of figures should be "Do they bring back any good memories?"

    Cracking set of figures, reminds me a lot of your Elizabethan Irish War stuff.

    1. They went a few years back - roughly when these came out- I think I'll hang on to them- maybe even add a few but the Poles .Celts Spaniards. Cowboys ,Pirates Moaris etc Never used so no memeories.