Wednesday, 11 September 2013

A New Range

 This took some thinking about.
 I know there are chaps who are uncomfortable with more modern conflicts. For myself I'm not particularly- after all when I was a lad WW2 was  only a quarter of a century in the past and plenty of people wargamed it. It was called "Modern Warfare " then - or at least the Rules often were- see Don Featherstones books- and of course he was there.
 So  I thought quite a bit before deciding to do a 15mm Falklands War range but after 30 years perhaps its time.
 After all my late Stepson Sgt Nick Chambers- Grenadier Guards got his Falkland medal with 3 Para- and yes I have it and his para wings still- and a 3 Para Tie which I of course don't wear- not in the least entitled. So in a small way this range is in memoriam of Nick  as he also was a sometime Wargamer- there will be a few chaps who remeber him with us at shows and some from previously when he was an early memebr of the 68th display team and denizen of the Wargamers Den
 So I know he wouldn't mind a bit.

We have here , therefore pics of 12 new masters- 6 British 6 Argentinian. Ohters will follow as will vehicles- a Landrover is already under construction as are Scorpion/Scimitar

And of course the Brits will also do very nicely for 1980 Warpact scenarios

I should have these in time for Derby with luck along with the new Vehicles for more modern conflicts


  1. There are already Falklands War figures around Andy so I don't think you're breaking any taboos. They're nice sculpts too. To top it all, you've got a bit of a vested interest, given the back story.

    Good luck with them.

    1. I'm aware of one other 15mm range and back in the day I had a hand in a 20mm range (Hotspur then Combat) There is also a 10mm range out there- but 10mm too tiny 20mm too well 20mm (when we had the Hotspur range I had some serious issues with some very very strange 20mm Geeks. It put me off that size for life.)
      As for taboos No - other than personal ones- other peoples taboos bother me not at all. Not eating pork or beef - wearing funny hats, doubtless my own are just as daft and illogical. But so waht- whatever blows your skirt up dude!

  2. I've now had some of the pre-production castings painted- I'll post pics when I've caught up after the Donnington show.