Friday, 20 September 2013

Command Decision Skytrex and Old Glory

Now it can hardly have escaped your notice- Gentle Reader , that Skytrex have gone into administration. The individual ranges have been up for sale for some time and some have moved on to other homes.
 In MW 366 Neil Shuck  comments upon this and opines that  his interest was in the 15mm Command Decision range and that its a shame to see them go...
 Well of course they haven't gone anywhere- they've been here all the time.
 So for the record here is how it  currently stands
 The Command Decision range was originally a cooperative effort between ourselves- ie Old Glory and Skytrex. This was so from the 90s when the range first appeared.  We made the infantry Skyrex made the vehicles both companies sold  the range in its entirety.. Latterly the ranges have diverged a little-  Skytrex made some vehicles we never got and latterly we made some WW2  vehicles  of our own- Russian Heavy assult guns- and a Katyruska rocket  truck US M-18 Hellcat  and about 30 other WW2  vehicle packs as well as adding modern infantry and light vehicles in the CDMOD and CDMV ranges.
 So Command Decision is alive and well.
 Again for the record We are continuing to produce and sell the CD range as it is manufactured in the USA  as we have done since its inception and for the forseeable future. Old Glory UK  will be carrying all we have at the World Wargames at Donnington next weekend- there should even be some modern additions.

So here are a couple of somewhat venerable pics  of  15mm WW2 and modern  items from the Command Decision range- all still available from Old Glory and Old Glory UK.

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