Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Raven Banner Games

Raven Banner games are a new- to me- American  company just starting to produce some really tasty 28mm ACW. I am now  selling these in the UK and Europe.
 The first 7 packs are up on the website

Personally I think they are some of the best ACW figures I've seen.
They have a slightly  scruffy campaign look to them very reminiscent of the photographs of the period, but are splendidly sculptedand have good anatomy and movement.
 So far there are only the 7 packs- 3 vignette sets and  3 unit packs depicting the 33rd New Jersey in their rather badly fitting "chasseur" uniforms imported from France. The 7th pack is an extra set of command including a mounted officer.
 More packs will be added including some Infantry in greatcoats which look splendid and I'll show them to you when I can
 However for now here are a couple of pics of the 33rd New Jersey chasseur types.

 I do like the clever touches such as the chaps with his pack on the ground near him and the mixture of dress styles.

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