Saturday, 3 February 2018

Phew I could do with a breather.

 Van loaded up for the York show all ready to go at half past firts sparrow fart tomorrow morning . I sometimes wonder how the hell I get everything done.
 This last week has been just a tad OGUK is now VAT registered again- the finacial crash forced us out of VAT registry in 2010  but we are now registered again. This has a downside- some prices will HAVE to rise simply to pay the taxes when due. HMRC says they must. Now I will not be putting the complete tax on everything I'm going to absorb around half of it as an importer pays an awful lot of VAT up front .
 Nevertheless prices will rise- for the UK and EU customers. Blokes out side these countries don't have to pay so I'll simply refund them the correct proportion if they order via the website or if the email me directly  paypal them the non vat price.
 Now prices have not yet risen I simply have not had the time to work them all out as the amount of government bullshit is IMMENSE and much of it hidden from view in obscure pages of their website in small print that I as visually impaired find sometimes difficult to read let alone understand once I have manged to read the gobblegook.
 So please bear with me, our 30 figure bags of 25/8 mm figure will need to go up to £30..00 inc VAT  which still makes them cheaper than most of the competition.  Indeed the per figure price will still be just a quid each. Smaller packs will rise in proportion. Sash and Saber and other will also rise. All of the rise will go to our glorious Government. I expect my own margins to drop by 10015%
 Most of the Blue Moon 15mm packs will go up by about a pound though some will not go up at all and a few may rise by a couple of quid

See you at Vapnartak in York tomorrow


  1. Ouch. And some people want to bring the VAT to the states.

  2. All of the added paper work and administrative stuff sounds like a nightmare.

  3. I worked out that for every hour I spend actually selling toy soldiers there is an additional 30 minutes administration. None of it actually hard but all of it quite laborious. Easy enough for chaps who have decent eyesight but for me well .....

  4. I hope that you get on top of things soon Andy, all the best,