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Saturday 16 January 2010

Les Higgins "Jason" 30mm

Les Higgins was always to my mind one of the finest makers of Miniatures. His best work being the Jason 30mm range- The first picture shows some of his ECW cavalry. The painting is modern - by me - but all of the figures are at least 30 years old. They stand very favourably with many of todays miniatures in so called "28mm"
The second picture shows some of the ECW foot figures- again the painting is modern . By the standards of the time these were expensive- when Minifigs S range infantry were 6 or 7 p each these were 24 pence.
As well as ECW there was a Malburian range which I have a very few unpainted examples- though I will paint 'em in time.
The final picture for this post shows a few more of the foot figures- the Lady in the hat is actually from the Malburian range while most of the others were bought painted off ebay- bit of luck there- despite their age these are still some of my favorite miniatures- despite their inaccuracies- in the light of more modern research- they still look fine to me.


  1. That's a grand start, Andy. Lovely figures and an interesting period.


  2. VEry nice paint jobs ...
    and collector figures!
    BTW, does Old Glory offer suitable females for 18th century in 15's or 25's?

  3. Andrew,

    seems I have another blog to follow. I'm curious to see where your blogging adventure will take you, but a very impressive start was made. Good luck.
    Sorry about the little picture of middle me. Can't seem to get upper me in the square.


  4. Hey, looking good Andy, thanks for letting me know. I look forward to seeing more of your Bloggings & thoughts & photos.