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Friday 25 February 2011

More pics of Dave's French revolution collection.

Following hard on the heels of my last 2 posts here are a few more pictures of Dave Huntleys French Revolution armies. Compsed of Old Glory, Trent Miniatures and Elite Mins they look fine indeed on the table. Units are a respectable size and it has to be said that despite previous remarks this period does attract me.


  1. Very nice and sorely tempted.......NO must...resist.

  2. I am just starting to collect In this period. Just out of curiosity, how were the units organized?

    Cheers, Ed

  3. Thats what we like to see, nice big pictures of well painted troops. Hows that love hate relationship going with the rules, kissed and made up? :P


  4. Ed, organised in roughly 36 figs per battalion about 6 of which would be allowed to skirmish, though with the new version of G de Brigade the whole battalion could be in a formation called 'Grand Band' i.e. -2 in melee but harder to hit. This is to represent the conscripts failing to form a formal line. I wouldn't allow the 'Blues' to form formal lines at all but remain in column.
    The Austrian commanders of this period would often stress the skirmishing prowess of the French Rev troops however it's my opinion that what appeared to be masses of skirmishers were in fact unformed line infantry conscripts milling about taking shots at the Austrians and failing to form 'regular' lines. My opinion only of course, and any opinions would be welcome.

  5. Likewise very tempted to start collecting in this period and largely agree with Daves views on thew style of fighting - Reading Fortescue and Belloc especially gives an impression of Hoardees of largely unenthusiastic Frebch led by smaller - but still considerable numbers of "Skirmishers" who did most of the shooting then once the mob at the back had been whipped up into almost a frezy the advance would start- often to rend almost as quicly . A lot of the fighting in 1793-94 seems to have been very confused and "bitty" buit that makes a lot of wargame sized actions so no problems there.

  6. I'm glad to say this period seems to be gaining popularity now; Blue Moon have a section on their site for 'Projected Projects', one of which is a French Revolutionary Wars range - probably not available until sometime in 2013 though!

    1. Peter Not Bluemoon - though some of their15mm Bicorne French will fit in but Jacdaw in 28/30mm . There will be some of these out certainly before Christmas. Andy