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Thursday 10 November 2011

Russian Magic... again.

Nick Bokarev of Drabant fame has kindly sent me pic of the painted Britsh - shown a few posts ago as undercoated. Now here they are finished.
I really can feel a 40mm WSS force to be in the offing. I have a very small begining- but how to do it that is the question.

Tuesday 8 November 2011

Finished 'em!!

Since I'm currently on a burst painting 40mm ECW Here are a couple of pics of the finished Sash and Saber Mounted Officers. 2 figs per pack - with alternative right arms and heads included for a mere £12.00.
I've built these 2 straight from the bag as it were with no conversion or fiddling about. Future variations will be different . I can see thise figues cropping up in various guises in the future-as TYW French or Imperialists with different heads and on other horses and indeed in different poses.. Now the Dragoons are out in the USA I must order some up for the UK chaps.

Tuesday 1 November 2011

More Drabant goodies

Another quickie this. Nick Bokarev of drabant sent me these pics of his up and coming Footguards Hatmen. Don't they look the business? I'll be having some of these when they come out .
Its a slow job but I am building a small collection of Drabant 40mm . Hopefully not too small in the long run.