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Tuesday 28 February 2012

More Marlburian stuff

Considering that the War of Spanish Succession is a period I havn't fought for years and don't have much of a collection of it takes up sa fair bit of time and space here. Perhaps thats simply because I like the uniforms and at least some of the available figures. In 15/18mm I now have about half a dozen units- mostly Bavarian and in 28mm some Saxon artlillery- seen on an ealier post- and some poorly finished Saxon infantry as yet unbased (after all I've only had them 6 or 7 years....) However I also have a very few Les Higgins Jason 30mm of which this mounted figure is one of the only 2 cavalry I have- both the same figure. I already painted one as Marlborough so I thought I'd do this fella as King William III who was in military terms his predecessor as he died in 1702 . This little chap - as a figure is atleast 35 years old as its been out of production since the mid 70s. Wears well doesn't he ?
Where the period really engages my attention is in 40mm thanks to those superb offerings from Drabant . A bit of fiddling about has enables me to add a French gun and 2 crew to the collection- another crewman is on his way-
Given the current rate of progress I should have enough for a game by the time I snuff it....

Tuesday 21 February 2012

More majical muskovites...

Well Marlburians to be precise but they are from Nick at Drabant. I thought I'd post these pics first with little or no comment so that you can see the quality for yourselves.

Tuesday 14 February 2012

Same old Same old... or not?

So there I was this morning ponderiing the infinite rich tapestry of life... and I wondered why? Ithought to myself has wargaming become so samey?.By chance I was looking at a Warames Illustrated- no 101 to be precise of the 1990sand aside from the major point that the articles were not written by or for dyslexic 14year olds much of the rest was the same as now- only perhaps not quite so "in yer face mate" as some of the more strident twaddle that is now about us. What struck me were the similarities rather than the differences. Figues still Fat- or even fatter as there are more of them still the same often clumsy overly painted toys little or no delicay or finesse in the modelling process- that hasn't chaned indeed its now worse in the mainstream we now have the Figure Fascists - not to be honest that I care about 'em. If they want fat clumsy armies the same as everyone elses let 'em. I'll stick to stuff I like. I don't buy much new stuff these days- if I want something special I'm in the happy position of being able to get it made. Only with 40mm do I occaisionally fall and that usually with Drabant. As for getting stuff made one of my pattern makers has just sent me a box of assorted 15mm Modern weaponry- mostly rocket launchers and such for the backs of our pick up truck . See the recent contretemps in Lybiaand sundry african wars. Pick up trucks loaded down with various rocket rails and RCL guns AA cuns and other wossnames. All very fearsome- possibly even to the enemy. Now all I have to do is sort out how to package them- as this will tell me how the moulds are to be organised. However modern duded look out for a bundle of assorted additions to the Modern ranges in 15mm finsally a good selection of "technicals" are in the wind.

Thursday 2 February 2012

Russian Arrivals.

I've just- ie in the last hour or so recieved a shipment from Drabant including stocks of the newst figures. I now have that superb 40mm Marlborough figure which was highlighted in and earlier post and he looks every bit as good in the matal. Furthermore Nick at Drabant has sent me a pic of the up and coming Command group for the British Footguards which is very tasty.
Now I've uploaded this directly as it was sent to me so no fiddling about. I like theseand will be adding some to my personal collections .

Vapnartak- York sunday 5th Feb.

The title says it all. We'll be off to this fine show gett8ing up at first sparrow fart on Sunday morning for the 90 minutes or so drive south to York. Hopefully my shipment from the USA will arrive in time Currently its at East Midlands airport - or was at 11 pm last night so all is hopefully well , Its a pretty big shipment so the VAT and duty bill will be a bit nasty but so it goes Dave and his rich mates need to stay rich otherwise they might have top stop looking so smugand self satisfied. However Sod 'em the point here is that I'll have a good burst of new stuff from Bluemoon- more 15mm ACW and Napoleonics as well as re-supplies of other stuff from them and from Old Gloryand Sash and Saber. Now York is a fine show worth a few hours of anyones time so if you read this and are at the show copme and say hello
The picture shows my WW2 Italian tanksall in 15mm .Recently the TWATS did a game based loosly on the battle of Sidi Rezagh in the Western Desert. and your gentle upmpire cocked it up royally. I simply forgot to slow the British reaction time with the result that the Italians and the Afrika Korps were handed a truly horrendous kicking. Of course the British were cock -a -hoopand to be fair it was only with hindsight that I saw my error. Nevertheless the next time I run that scenario I'll be a little more careful.