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Tuesday 11 February 2020

A Proper Mixture.

 These days  you are supposed to have units of identical perryclones, the "discussions" about millimetres are endless and while it can matter in 15mm vs 18mm  at least some of the time within the ranks of anything from "25mm" via "28mm" to "30mm" it matters far less than  you would think.
  The   company of the 92nd here actually has  five different makers within its ranks. None of them  sold as "28mm" which as a size did not exist when they were made. It has to  be said now that one or possibly two of the makers now call the same figures 28mm to follow the Foundry fashion of the mid 1990s.
A Proper Mixture. 

 The rest- those that are still available are called 30mm
 So the makers are  Hinchliffe(Foremost), Connoisseur,  Stadden , Willie and Minot of which only the last is now unavailable.
All of these model are at least 30 years old - some significantly older- the Willie and Stadden figures sculpted in the 1960s or early 70s the Foremost a little later and the Connoisseur either side of 1980 but before 1985  I think and certainly well before 1990.
3 officers  Stadden, Connoisseur and Willie.

I like the mix- most are a bit OTT as befits a unit who are about to charge along with the Scots Greys they fit the bill for me. There is none of the tedium of so called perfection here. I like my units to move to be animated- at least some of the time and for some periods.

Sorry lads the Greys are at the other end of the table !