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Monday 5 April 2010

More Shiny men and an experiment.

Here are a couple more pics of my 40mm 1880s British - very Wellian . The not quite finishes officer in foreign service helmet is the first in that headgear and well you just have to have some Guardsmen don't you? After all look at all those little margin drawing in Little Wars.
Teh ECW Parliamentarian General represents Sir William Balfour and will - along with his Cuirassier troops be added to the Roundhead army after ernest entreaties by their Commanders after the Battle of Theakstons Folly. He's an Old Glory Cromwell figure - baton removed and Sword added but put upon a JACDAW horse. The rest of his troops will also be on jacdaw horses. I don't do this kind of stuff very often as it doesn't always work but in this case the figures fit the horses well and don't fail stylistically as both have movement. As I'm rather pleased wit him he's at the top of the post.

40mm Wars of the Roses.

I've always been a bit of a Medievalist. WOTR was my specialist subject when I did my degree I've had 25mm armies for the period in the past and re-fought a good few of the battles 1 St Albans 2nd St Albans Wakefield Stoke Field and of course have used Kingmaker as the basis for a campaign. All that was a good few years ago and in between I've had a few medieval armies- most notably a large HYW armies from Dave Allsops Hotspur range now sold on . Nevertheless I've fiddled about medievally speaking almost constantly so when the chance came to buy up the Brooks miniatures ranfe of 40mm WOTR I took it. Now under my own Romanoff Miniatures label I fully intend to add to the range- probably a gun and crew first then some Scots spearmen. Here are a few pics of the lads in action.
The plan is to use Anthony Clipsoms rules "Foray" for small unit bases actions rather than big set- piece punch ups. I really do need to paint more lomgbowmen here . Ah well at least some are getting done slowly but surely I have another 60 or so men at arms billmen etc - formerly Glen Brook's - that need re-basing. but I think I'll do more archers first to try and keep things balanced.