Monday, 5 April 2010

40mm Wars of the Roses.

I've always been a bit of a Medievalist. WOTR was my specialist subject when I did my degree I've had 25mm armies for the period in the past and re-fought a good few of the battles 1 St Albans 2nd St Albans Wakefield Stoke Field and of course have used Kingmaker as the basis for a campaign. All that was a good few years ago and in between I've had a few medieval armies- most notably a large HYW armies from Dave Allsops Hotspur range now sold on . Nevertheless I've fiddled about medievally speaking almost constantly so when the chance came to buy up the Brooks miniatures ranfe of 40mm WOTR I took it. Now under my own Romanoff Miniatures label I fully intend to add to the range- probably a gun and crew first then some Scots spearmen. Here are a few pics of the lads in action.
The plan is to use Anthony Clipsoms rules "Foray" for small unit bases actions rather than big set- piece punch ups. I really do need to paint more lomgbowmen here . Ah well at least some are getting done slowly but surely I have another 60 or so men at arms billmen etc - formerly Glen Brook's - that need re-basing. but I think I'll do more archers first to try and keep things balanced.

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