Friday, 26 March 2010

Crossing to the shiny side.

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Now in the past while I've admired the "toy soldier" stly I've never quite taken the plunge. For my money its a very particular style and I've never quite found the sort of thing I want. I've dabbled off and on and have a small collection of 54mm Medievals for the Hundred years war- comes of admiring those Courtenay and Ping figures I can't afford- and I fiddled about with some Irregular mins 42mm 7YW all to ultimately noavail- they left something to be desired. However some time ago I was re-reading H.G .Wells and thought why not do it sort of as Wells did so the idea of having a collection of late 19th century shiny toys took hold. Not I thought 54mm - too big and I'm not shooting cannon at 'em . As usual I don't think about rules until I've actually got some toys but it seems that Featherstone would suit - all simple and in keeping with the times thinks I. So with that I had a man or two sculpted and got 'em into a mould. I've now painted the first 5 as in the picture. with another group- this time Grenadier Guards on the way. The "enemy" will be Germanic basically FPW prussians once I get those made. As for commercial availability that will depend if anyone else fancies any. I also have a few Indian army on the go but they won't be ready for a while simply because there is too much to do in "Work" mode to give a lot of time to all the stuff I want to do.
As for work I'm hoping to have a fair bundle of new stuff out in the next few weeks. 15mm Moderns will get the 105mm light gun with ewither US Marine or British Crew New Aircraft will include a bloody lovely B-17 and some German Jets and more Jacdaw stuff is on its way. I'll also be getting a bundle of the Bluemoon 15mm WW1and Old West Ranges- in time for Salute God willingand the rest of the new BM stuff as I can and assuming customer intrest warrants.


  1. Andy,
    I like those - much nicer than Black Hat's recent similar offerings - i can imagine being really tempted by the Indian Army types. I am looking forward to seeing the latest Jacdaw; i suspect i'll invest in some at Triples. BTW, are there any plans to take Jacdaw to the wilder fringes - FIW or Indian types maybe? Cheers.

  2. Lovely figures Andy. The gloss varnish really adds to it.

  3. DC these are 40mm remember I looked at Black Hat and wasn't impressed- to "wargamey" IF thats not daft. As for Jacdaw I'm not saying no India is a possibility for the future.
    Conrad Yep These lads needed to be shiny