Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Bases and suchlike trivia.

Now when it comes to basing most of my collection I'm pretty picky. I do use painting services - mostly for display units in the line of business as it were but also sometimes for my personal stuff. However I do have 1 rules I always base the stuff myself. The reasoning is simple even when I use different painters whose styles may differ slightly making the bases match through out the army gives homogeneity to the collection- looks better on the table too.
Bases have several functions of which the most important is protecting the model- then perhaps running a good second is the bases function in the game as a way of sspacing the unit . All my figures get based even those that remain singles though this may change in respect of one collection assuming the project comes off as I hope- under most circumstances the base is an integral part of the model . This is certainly so in the case of my modelof Denzil Holles Regiment of Foot for my ECW armies. The bases of the front section of the unit were deliberately made 3 inches loner to accomodate "Charge your pike" figures as the idea was to model the unit under some pressure from an enemy. Obviously the rest of the bases had to matchand I laid the odd stiff out there on the base fronts for added interest .The whole unit is 44cm wide almost 18 inches so the players need to watch the flanks- just like real generals.


  1. I've shifted from being a prolific painter to using Painting services almost exclusively - but I also always base my own figures. I usually base and undercoat them before sending them off and then finish the bases when I return.

    You're absolutely right - it definitely helps to tie an army together.

  2. I've noticed that quite a few chaps base up BEFORE painting- Do you do this only for single figs or for groups- I'd have thought that based groups are much harder to paint yet I've seen undecoated and based but unpainted armies about. I've often wodered why make your life hard.... but then if it works for you....

  3. No thats a regiment of foot !

    Have enjoyed reading all you previous posts. Looking forward to the addtions to the Jacdaw 30mm range

    -- Allan

  4. I couldnt agree more with your concept of basing. It ties the army together.I`ve been using Apache Junction (my town) top soil (dirt)for years now and then add the scenics.After a coat of spray the dirt holds quite well and looks natural. Maybe some of the OSW will start doing it. Keep up the nice work on your Blog.
    Tom in AZ