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Monday 29 June 2015

Those Age of reason amendments .....

Sorry chaps  I almost forgot. I said I'd post those amendments we used for AOR at Durham

Warfare in the Age of Reason .
Local amendments devised by the Tantobie Warfare and Tactical Society.

Notional ground scale 1 inch = 10 yards
 Formed infantry 6 inches
All artillery movements are halved from those in the main rules.
Heavy and Siege guns used in the field may not move once deployed- except to change facing.
These Guns are deemed “Artillery of Position”

All “Heavy Cavalry” armoured or not move as “Armoured Cavalry” – ie 12”

Weapon Ranges.

 Cavalry firearms have a range of 4 inches this is always counted as Long range
Muskets and Rifles have an extra “Long Range” band
Musket – long Range over 6inches to 12 inches
Rifles -Long Range over 8 inches to 18 inches

Artillery ranges.

All artillery ranges are doubled.
There is no “Canister Range”
 Canister may be fired at close range.
BUT dice to see if the battery is suitably loaded.
Roll 1 D6 per gun
1 2 3 4 yes
5 6 no
1 2 3 yes
4 5 6 no
1 2 yes
3 4 5 6 no
1 2 yes
3 4 5 6 no

 If a “No” result the battery fires round shot in the normal manner
 If “Yes” then canister may be used.
No gun may fire more than 3 rounds of Canister in a game.

Rules changes to suit National Doctrines.
British Troops
British Infantry of good morale in close order May NOT open fire at long range .
Maximum Musket range for British troops is 6 inches.
They do not count Long range.
At less than 3 inches they count “Point Blank” bonus.
If wishing to fire British Infantry may not move in the same turn.
British Cavalry may not use firearms  

French Troops.
French Infantry or Dismounted Dragoons with Hold or Defend orders will open fire as soon as an enemy unit is in range.
French troops incur an extra -1 when firing and moving in the same turn  as their formations are  5 ranks deep . If they remain stationary to fire this is negated.
French Infantry with attack orders may elect not to fire provided that they move forward at least half a move each turn. If they do this add +1 to the “To Charge” test.

Panic fire test.
All troops
When any heavy Cavalry are within charge distance of any infantry they may declare a “Charge threat” They MUST move at least half distance towards the target unit
The Target unit must take an immediate Morale test
6 or more- Fine no effect
5 or4 Halt disorganised – will fire at the Cavalry as disorganised troops
3 or 2 Fire as disorganised troops – then fall back 1 move.
1 rout.

 The Cavalry may of course convert the Threat into an actual charge if the Target unit does not pass its Morale test.

The “We’ll shoot “Test
Any  formed Infantry of MW3 or more that is under charge threat and passes its panic fire test may Elect to “Present” but not fire. This will cause an immediate Morale test on any Cavalry executing a charge threat with an extra -1D

  Now of course these were meant for an Umpire controlled game - stops all the whining of "its not fair " and of course the Umpires word is LAW.
 I still think I was a bit kind to the French Infantry and the British players never really got thier heads around some of this but if I persever with the 18th century then Doctrinal amendments are the way to do- actually thats true for any period after all most troops don't go against thier training- only wargamers do that

Friday 26 June 2015

English Civil War units .

Here is the two thirds finished unit.
 In the few odd moments I get to actualy paint soldiers for my own collections I've been trying to complete some more units for the ECW collection.
 One of the more radical things I decided to do was make my small and rather bitty Les Higgins 30mm "Jason"  collection into something I could actually use. Now these chas have beeon out of production since the mid 70s so are a bit thin on the ground and prices have shot up , Nevertheless I've amassed around 70 or more- including 7 cavalry- which are even more scarce than the Foot . Now being on average over 40 years old some of these lads needed a good bit of TLC - parts missing  and complete repaint jobs in many cases- some had been painted by a bloke who not only used a yardbrush but had a bag over his heard too - but others needed only there merest fidddling about and basing .
 I decided to make them into an impression of the White Regiment of the London Trained Bands simply because they looked closest to the well equippend London Militia  than to any other Civil War soldier. After all these are  late 60s designs and our knowledge has moved on rather more than somewhat in the intervening half -century ! . It still remains to finish another dozen or so Musketeers and maybe 3 or 4 pikemen. There are a very few interlopers- a single Stadden pikeman and 3 figures  of whose manufacture I have no idea. I'll post a separate pic of those as I'd love some more.
the completed Musketerr division- there remains another of these to complete.
Some of the Broken figures needed  the damaged weapons replacing- so broken halberdiers were made into pikemen and officers had new Partizans and leading staffs.
All of these are the same figure but the two central ones had no heads to thier halbards so became pikemen .
The two ensigns have metal flags that came in one of the lots but bothactual ensign figures were origonally pikemen. The Less Higgins  standard bearers are by far my least favourite figures- fringes on ECW Foot Colours !  Also the posing is rather uncomfortable.
I've also been dishing out a bit of TLC to more of the stuff I got from DC.
A bit of basing up and restoring paint chips and there you go. 
You may note that all of these have nice shiny varnish. I even re-varnishes some of those that had been "matted" at some time over the last 40 years . Shine on Dudes!

Tuesday 16 June 2015

Some Fine Painting.

As you may have worked out I like wellpainted figures- of whatever size. I've never quite grasped the idea that figure painting is a chore that gets in the way of the dice rolling. - If that is the case then why use miniatures in the first place? After all there are easier ways to make gaming counters- bit of wood or cardboard- maybe plastic if its a "boutique game" of limited scope that  you are playing.
 So when a chaps send me photos of his stuff of the quality of these then I'm going to notice .
The Gentleman is question is Ardi van der Heijden of the Netherlands and No he doesn't paint to commission - I asked him - he reckons he's a bit on the slow siide !
 Here are some pictures of his  Livonian Teutonic Kinights army of the 15th century. Using Old Glory with some foundry and Perry intermixed

Bohemian  mercenary Knights mostly from the Dracula and the Turkish Fronitier range.
Order Infantry- mostly Old Glory Wars of the Roses  or Dracula an the Turkish Frontier ranges- with some conversions.
Close up - Fine work indeed.
More of Ardi's work is on the OGUK website in the Battle Gallery.
 As it happens he is also involved with a Dutch miniatures company - currently producing Fantasy- not my thing but see the quality for yourself 

 Maybe they could do some historicals one day !

Sunday 14 June 2015

Durham Show- the game.

One of the problems with running a big 25mm game is the sheer amount of stuff you have to shift to do it. 15 2foot by 2 foot MDF terrain boards, a couple of boxes of assorted lay ons- hills trees roads building etc etc . and over  800 figures including guns Generals , Grenadiers and the assorted paraphenalia of miniature War in the mid 18th century. None of these do you want to get a battering in the journey to the venue  This means loading up has to be done with a little care.
 Consquently we are a tad later than I'd have likes setting off for the Vane Tempest Hall in Durham city.
 Neved mind though, we arrived and had to hump all the kit into the smaller hall to our usual spot - no worries done in around 15 minutes. Floating Jeff was already there - shortly joined by Theatrical Steve so with Jim the Roofer Andrew the Tekkie and your Gentle Author an almost full complement of T.W.A.T.S would be present for the day- though Jim would be off to do a bit of Roofing meantime !

Table set up before "laying lead". Table is 10 feet by 6 feet "Blindhiem" nearest the camera "Unterglau" at the far end. The tents are the French Camp. 

 The games- as I have mentioned in previous posts was very loosly based upon the Battle of Blenhiem. Rules would be modified Warfare in the Age of Reason- hereinafter AOR and the Umpire's word is Law. .
 There were 2 player a side. Floating Jeff and Mechanical Shaun took the British while Theatrical Steve and Andrew the Tekkie took the French .
 Your Gentle Author would be - as usual Umpire .

The French stuffed Blinhiem with troops  fronterd by a massive 24pdr battery..

The French Briefing
Henri de La Plume de ma Tante
 Comte Camembert. (+2)

Your Army is encamped behind the ridge to the South west  of the River Nickar. The Allies have appeared on the far side of the river and are obviously offering battle.  Mort de ma vie et Sacre –Bleau!    Not to mention Merde!  Bit of a surprise that !
 You have  garrisons in the villages of Blindhiem and Unterglau which have both been fortified.
 These garrisons have orders to hold their positions.
 Staff officers are galloping about like madmen taking orders to brigades. You must issue orders to those units who have none. This will take time

In Unterglau.
 The Irish Brigade.
Gen. Murphy O’Guinness Comte Palatique (+1)
 Regt Roth  28figs  Line(2)
Regt Dillon 32 figs Line (2)
Regt Clare 28figs Line (2)
1 heavy Gun
Company Arquebusiers De Grassins 6 figs line (2) Open order.

In Blindhiem
Brigade “La Reine”
1st and 2 nd Battalions Regt.  “La Reine”
 24 figs each Line (2)
2nd Bn Regt Languedoc 28figs Line(2)
 In Front of Blindhiem under command of the Garrison
24 pdr siege gun
Schomberg Light Infantry 26 figs Line (2) Open order.

In Camp behind the ridge. Unformed No orders
Brigade Piedmont
1st Bn Regt Piedmont 28figs Grenadier(3)
2nd Bn Regt Piedmont 15 figs Grenadier(3)
Ist Bn Regt Augverne 16figs line(2)

Brigade “Grenadiers De France” formed in camp  No orders. You are currently with this Brigade.
1st Bn Grenadiers de France 42 figs Grenadier(3)
Royal Eccossais 24 figs Line (2)

3 medium Guns – orders to move to the ridge
 Deploying along the ridge. Unformed ,Orders to clear the ridge once formed and advance to the River.
Brigade “Curassiers du Roi”
 Curassiers du Roi
 2 sqns total 16 figs  class3
Regt Chabrilliant
1 sqn 6 figs Class 2
Regt Fitzjames
1 sqn10 figs class3

Behind Blindhiem – in reserve-    No Orders  but mounted and ready to move.
Dragoon Brigade Schomberg.
Regt Schomberg
2 sqns- total 15figs Line (2)
Red Dragoons 4 figs line(2)

Behind Unterglau
Hussars 9 figs  Light Cavalry  line 2 Self – ordering  can do what they like

Still in Camp – saddling up Disoredered No orders
 Brigade Royal Dragoons.
Royal Dragoons
3 sqns 21 figs Line(2)
La Reine Cavallerie
2 sqns 12 figs line (2)
Archaic Cavallerie
2 sqns 12 figs  line (2)

Force Total
 321 Infantry in 13 units .
103 Cavalry in 14 Squadrons
 5 guns
 Plus staff .

Your objective is to hold the Allied forces and deny them the villages-
 You really need to get your arse into gear or the Allies will have you by the short hairs !!
 You do outnumber them almost 2 to 1 in Cavalry and by a little in Infantry

 And the Allied Briefing.

His Britannic Majesty’s Army in Flanders.
Commander in Chief William Duke of Cumberland .+2

 You have caught the Frenchies with their trousers down !  Ha- Har ! 
Hark Forrard you Frogs !
 John Bull is having at you !
 The River Nickar is fordable at several points but will cause crossing troops to be unformed and may hinder artillery considerably . You should still be able to get amongst the French while they are getting up . The Two villages are garrisoned and fortified but only cavalry are visible on the ridge line- with – so your spies tell you, more troops encamped behind the ridge.

Cavalry Brigade. Commander Henry Hawley +1
1st Royal Dragoons 3 sqns. mv2 24figs.
Cobhams Dragoons 2 sqns. mv2 20 figs  men
13th Kerrs Dragoons 1 sqn.6 figs mv2 men

The Foot.
1st Brigade Commander “Daddy” Huske +2
1st Foot (Royals) St Clair mv3 28 figs
3rd Foot (Buffs) Howard’s mv3 24figs.
17th Foot Forbes mv3 32 figs
34th Foot Cholmondley ‘s mv3 32 figs.
1 light battalion gun to be attached to a designated battalion.

2nd Brigade Commander Brigadier Ingoldsby +1
36th Foot Fleming’s mv3 32 figs.
50th Foot Hodgson’s mv3 28figs.
87th Foot Kieth’s Highlanders mv3 28figs
1light battalion gun which must be attached to either the 36th or 50th

1 heavy gun
2 medium guns.
 204 foot in 7 battalions
 50 cavalry in 6 squadrons
5 guns including battalion guns.

Forces of the United Provinces and the Landgrave of Hesse.
General Hertz van Rentals.(+1)

Garde Dragonder1 sqn 8 figs mv2 160men.
Hussars 1 troop. 4 figs mv2 80men

Dutch Infantry and artillery.
Gardes te Voet 24 figs mv2 480 men.
1 medium gun.
1 coehorn mortar.

Hessian Infantry brigade- British subsidy troops.
Commander FMH Claus von Konigsegegegeg.+1
Infantry Regt “Von Donop” 48 figs mv2 960 men
Infantry regt “von Konigsegegegeg” 24figs mv2 480men.
Combined Grenadier battalion 14figs mv3 280men

Free Companies 12 figs mv1 240 men.

Total Dutch and Hessian troops
12 Cavalry in 2 units
98 Infantry in 4 units
 1 gun
1 mortar

Allied force total
302 foot 62 Cavalry
6 guns
Plus Staff

  The French needed to buy time so early on the Curassiers du Roi brigade launched a charge against the British as they crossed the river-  The Brits managed to get into order in time and the whole thing became a bloody shambles. To say the brigade was roughhly handled woul be a massive understatement. They were slaughtered only a few scattered remnants making it off the field back to Paris.
The remains of the Curassier du Roi flee the field.along with Chabrillant and Fitzjames

 The time so dearly bought however allowed the French to get thier act together and begin to manouvre. After a hesitant start the dragoons Schomberg began a wild ride along the front of the ridge- fortunately out of musket range and once the rest of the French  troopers had got their buttocks onto their saddles the whole surviving mass of horse moved towards Unterglau with a view to threatening the Allied .
  right flank which as  up in the air . This however would take time ...
On the Allied left things were not going so well despite the Umpire dropping massive hints about how hard it would be to storm occupied villages the German contingent marched on solidally - getting a bit of a caning from the French battery  and light troops. However this didn't last and the lights were seen off and the  battery captured- not without cost.
Unterglau- garrisoned by the Irish Brigade.
 The Assualts upon Blindhien  occupied the whole of the German/ Dutch contingent for the whole of the game. Barring the loss of the battery and a few light troops the garrision were barely incommoded at all  whilst the Germans lost almost 25% of their strength.
The Britsh Infantry were now advancing against the French centre. The Irish were involved in a fearsome fire fight with the British right and things wre looking decidedly bloody on both sides- Grassins fled- what was left of them and another French battery was taken- but the cost was fearsome. On the ridge the French finally had an infantry line in place supported by a 3 gun battery which did major execution on the first Royals and halted them 
The Brish line advances
  Finally Jeff threw all caution to the winds and flung in a cavalry charge againt Piedmont- this was rather a re-trun of the French charge at the beginning of the game- if a little less bloody. Piedmonts second battalion was pushed back but that was it- The Brits had shot their bolt. The French could hold on certainly and had therefore succeeded in their objectives but had lost almost all of their artillery and were short a cavalry brigade. The Allies were battered and bloody and had lost a good number of men- the German especially looking a little fragile. As he was now desperate for a pint the umpire declared a narrow French Victory.
Only  a couple of niggles- one my fault. I think I was a bit kind to the French when working out their firing stats. At this time the French still formed 5 deep whilst the British and Germans were 3 deep. therefore a French unit should be around 30 percent shorter frontage than a british one of the same strength. Also British drill for reloading was significantly faster- whilst overall I was pretty satisfied with the rules amendment- which I show in full in a subsequent post- they still need work .
 Now also we had a goodly number of blokes taking photos of the game- nothing wrong with that as it happens but only one- Dave Jarvis the painter- an old friend of many years- was polite enough to ask if we minded... Manners apparently do no longer maketh many men at all.  . You get the same at Trade events too  blokes taking pics of the stuff in the display case- perhaps 10% ask if you mind ...... 
The British cavalry charge reaches regt Piedmont

As for the show itself as usual it was small but fun- theother large game was Durhams own Waterloo in 54mm- which looks as always pretty fine- there were a couple of other games- but what thay were I could not tell- One seemingly consisting of 3 or 4 polystrene hills on a green cloth with 3 blokes  around the table ....
 This show is one of the best on the circuit for catering  Decent Cha- and a respectable Latte and food on site . With a fine Bacon Buttie shop just around the corner.
 Trade- well nothing really for me- a few bases from Colonel Bills I must get around to getting a few Eagle minis- they do some nice stuff but the ECW range is very small .
 Nevertheless I'll  be back their next year  all being well with another game- might even get to play ....