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Tuesday 16 June 2015

Some Fine Painting.

As you may have worked out I like wellpainted figures- of whatever size. I've never quite grasped the idea that figure painting is a chore that gets in the way of the dice rolling. - If that is the case then why use miniatures in the first place? After all there are easier ways to make gaming counters- bit of wood or cardboard- maybe plastic if its a "boutique game" of limited scope that  you are playing.
 So when a chaps send me photos of his stuff of the quality of these then I'm going to notice .
The Gentleman is question is Ardi van der Heijden of the Netherlands and No he doesn't paint to commission - I asked him - he reckons he's a bit on the slow siide !
 Here are some pictures of his  Livonian Teutonic Kinights army of the 15th century. Using Old Glory with some foundry and Perry intermixed

Bohemian  mercenary Knights mostly from the Dracula and the Turkish Fronitier range.
Order Infantry- mostly Old Glory Wars of the Roses  or Dracula an the Turkish Frontier ranges- with some conversions.
Close up - Fine work indeed.
More of Ardi's work is on the OGUK website in the Battle Gallery.
 As it happens he is also involved with a Dutch miniatures company - currently producing Fantasy- not my thing but see the quality for yourself 

 Maybe they could do some historicals one day !


  1. They look pretty bloody good to me Andy, he has done a fine job with these

  2. There are some more pics of Ardis work in the battle Gallery on the OGUK websiter. I've a few more pics to go up too.