Thursday, 11 June 2015

More on The Durham Show -This Saturday.

So here were are on Thursday morning with the Rules amendments for the game at Durham sort of finished -,,, ish .
 Now to get all the troops in the right order and the right boxes... Hmm..... have not had any of these out for well over a year perhaps two. Sort of lost interest in the tricorn hat in favour of the Montero and Lobster pot .
Frankly I'm still thinking of selling the whole Seven Year War collection - if the price is right. Not about to give it away or let chaps cherry pick- though may sell to a "consortium"  who could sort it out amongst themselves. Anyone interested should contact me directly on the  I can provide a completel ist of the units. British, French, a few Dutch, Hessians some Prussians,and of course a small Jacobite army  More picrues on some of the earlier "Battles" posts on this blog.
 So this game may well be their last outing but then again it may not
One of the units in battle this Saturday. Grenadiers de France.
Sash nd Saber Prussians - painted as Hessians- this unit is around 50 figs strong

The opposition- British troops with some Hessians.
More British- this time Jacdaw figures.
The French C-in-C- Figures a mixture of Willie ,Stadden- horse and Old Glory

 As always I'm willing to take orders in for chaps wanting stuff at the show . As long as I have it in stock and you let me know before 8.00  GMT on the saturday morning .


  1. If you'd like a tad more inspiration for the ECW, take a look at some of the photos that my buddy Murdock took of our recent 28mm Edgehill battle. Just look through the photos to get some mojo up:

    Have fun and sell lots at your Show, sir.

    -- Jeff

    1. Don't need any inspiration to get into the ECW Jeff. -You and your maters Edgehill looked dammned fine mind