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Monday 14 April 2014

Salute 2014 - After the War is Over .......

 Well I'm Back - more or less in one piece. The splend lunacy that is Salute over for another year. I've read Robbie Roddis blog on the subject and- barring the difficulty getting in- we might have been at a different show. I saw none of the games he mentions- none of the painting competitions  Nowt, Nix ,Nada, Zip - but I don't care  DID see a lot of blokes from most countries of the EU buying shedloads of soldiers at my stand . therefore I am content.
 Once again the only tiny speck in the ointment was the insalubriousness of the Kharsis- this rather from over use with 87 zillion blokes trying to use 'em all at once it did get a tad pungent down there- but I only had time to sufferthe once and tied a knot in it for the rest of the day- probably as well since dehyration might have set in otherwise.
 Two shots of Drabant Norman Cavalry painted by Nick BokarevSold a good few Drabant at Salute
Absolutely knackered  by close of show  got loaded and away back to our hotel by  just after 6 in the evening. No intention what soever of Driving back until Suinday- could not ask that of my chaps. None of us coulod be arsed to walk the 800 Yards or so to the next pub so we ate and had a few quiet pints where we were  and a good long PHHEEEWWW  another one done
 Until Nest Year.

Thursday 10 April 2014


What WAS the name of that Godwaful band who sang that ....
 Anyway here I sit  having a little blog before I start all those fiddly little jobs that need doing before you set out for a show
 New Units for the display case- check
 Pre-orders all listed and put in the correct boxes- check
Credit card machine charged- and AFTD  packed  check
(for those  unaware of the acronym AFTD  it stands for Anti Fat Tart Device and is a  short length of cable with  loose connectors at either end- as a few years back  a FT knocked the shi ...   smashed the  credit card machine by  showing her  baby - buggy (complete with maloderous offspring ) and her FA into a gap in which it was never meant to go - not with THAT arse) Nary an apology
so we now take Extra care check !!)
Cables and  leads for lights  all PAT tested - check
Green Bag- this is what we use to carry our "ancillery stuff" in - tablecloths , cables etc- check
Brown Box- carry the display case figure- check 
 Red box- the rest of the display case stuff- check
 Hotel reservations- check
 Assorted stationary- order book etc- check
 Paper listings and carrier bags- check
More display case units- this time from the Wars of The Roses range in 28mm
Frecnh Gensdarmes and Ottoman turkish Generals-  Yes the Turks will be going to Salute. 

Pack the last few newly cast aircraft models- check
Brook Miniatures 28mm Modern British- taking these to Salute.
15mm 1/100th B-17 - Our largest Aircraft model .                                                                                                   

Tuesday 1 April 2014

More Salute 2014 stuff!!

 Here are some more pictures of Ranges we will DEFINITELY be taking to Salute 2014 in 10 days time- we are leaving on the morning of the 11th April.
15mm British Coloial Heliogrph  group.
First today - Colonials- we'll be taking all we have in both 15mm and 28mm . So the Sudan the 2 nd Afghan War and the NW Frontier in 15mm from Bluemoon  and in 28mm all of the HUGE Old Glory Colonial range - Sudan,, NW Frontier Zulu War ,Boxer Rising, Boer War ,Indian Mutiny , Maori Wars  and Sikh Wars .

Sikh Infantry  of the 1845-6 war.
20th Punjab Infantry for the 1897 Pathan Revolt. These from the OG 28mm Colonial range- finally finished them after about5 years half painted.
British Infantry from the 28mm Boer War range. Equally at home on the NW Frontier or in the later Sudan campaigns. .

 We'll also be taking the Sash and Saber Ranges- including the 28mm Napoleonics which are rather tasty - I'd forgotten theese - left languishing in a box.
These were painted By Steve Skinner in the 90s and despite being at least 17 years old still look the business. The unpainted chaps hold their own and more with  todays more exspensive offerings. 

 I'll post more pics from ranges I know we are taking over the next few days. I'm expecting to take delivery of a large shipment  tomorrow- all being well- which hopefully will have new stuff in it. Rest assured I'll let you know.