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Monday 14 April 2014

Salute 2014 - After the War is Over .......

 Well I'm Back - more or less in one piece. The splend lunacy that is Salute over for another year. I've read Robbie Roddis blog on the subject and- barring the difficulty getting in- we might have been at a different show. I saw none of the games he mentions- none of the painting competitions  Nowt, Nix ,Nada, Zip - but I don't care  DID see a lot of blokes from most countries of the EU buying shedloads of soldiers at my stand . therefore I am content.
 Once again the only tiny speck in the ointment was the insalubriousness of the Kharsis- this rather from over use with 87 zillion blokes trying to use 'em all at once it did get a tad pungent down there- but I only had time to sufferthe once and tied a knot in it for the rest of the day- probably as well since dehyration might have set in otherwise.
 Two shots of Drabant Norman Cavalry painted by Nick BokarevSold a good few Drabant at Salute
Absolutely knackered  by close of show  got loaded and away back to our hotel by  just after 6 in the evening. No intention what soever of Driving back until Suinday- could not ask that of my chaps. None of us coulod be arsed to walk the 800 Yards or so to the next pub so we ate and had a few quiet pints where we were  and a good long PHHEEEWWW  another one done
 Until Nest Year.

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