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Thursday 10 April 2014


What WAS the name of that Godwaful band who sang that ....
 Anyway here I sit  having a little blog before I start all those fiddly little jobs that need doing before you set out for a show
 New Units for the display case- check
 Pre-orders all listed and put in the correct boxes- check
Credit card machine charged- and AFTD  packed  check
(for those  unaware of the acronym AFTD  it stands for Anti Fat Tart Device and is a  short length of cable with  loose connectors at either end- as a few years back  a FT knocked the shi ...   smashed the  credit card machine by  showing her  baby - buggy (complete with maloderous offspring ) and her FA into a gap in which it was never meant to go - not with THAT arse) Nary an apology
so we now take Extra care check !!)
Cables and  leads for lights  all PAT tested - check
Green Bag- this is what we use to carry our "ancillery stuff" in - tablecloths , cables etc- check
Brown Box- carry the display case figure- check 
 Red box- the rest of the display case stuff- check
 Hotel reservations- check
 Assorted stationary- order book etc- check
 Paper listings and carrier bags- check
More display case units- this time from the Wars of The Roses range in 28mm
Frecnh Gensdarmes and Ottoman turkish Generals-  Yes the Turks will be going to Salute. 

Pack the last few newly cast aircraft models- check
Brook Miniatures 28mm Modern British- taking these to Salute.
15mm 1/100th B-17 - Our largest Aircraft model .                                                                                                   


  1. THe War of The Roses troops are really beautiful, love the colors!

  2. The band was called Europe, but I didn't know that before googling it just now. Hope you have a successful show.

  3. Have a good time at Salute Andy, I know you won't appreciate it until you get back home though.
    Those Turks btw are stunning.

  4. Joe- Got back last night mate- Knackered but moderately happy - now to start the catching up- shedloads of emails and such but we'll get there.
    I keep meaning to expand that turkish army....