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Sunday 30 September 2012

Counting down to D Day

Well the Drabant 298mm stuff has been ordered up so I should have them in about 3 weeks with luck. All the way from Moscow. Rather than ramble on here are pics of 3 packs painted up - by Nick Bokarev -
So currently there are 5 sets with more to come. There are also some more 40mm releases which I'll be adding to the OGUK website when I get them. Price for these 28mm looks like being £6.20 per set- a little higher than I'd hoped but still in line with several home grown makers who are around the same price or more exspensive.

Wednesday 19 September 2012

More 40mm Wars of the Roses.

It's been a good while since I blogged last- whatwith assorted shows and other fol-de -rol. Work as ever gets in the way. What !I hear you shout" but you LIVE in the Sweetie shop" "Pecisely !" I reply "sometimes you get sick of the little lead gits". "Man " as I have opined previously "shall not live by Wargaming alone" Nevertheless I have been slowly adding to my 40mm Wars of the Roses collection. Making new figures which - assuming I iron out the bugs -will in the fullness appear as catings added to the range. To be fair I'm really only converting existing figures but those few I've done look fine so I'll do them again as masters for future release. So here is a picture of a small punch up somwhere in Northern England in the 1450s between the Percies and their rivals the Nevilles
and this one a close up of the Hurly- burly
The 2 long flags- standards in heraldic parlance are of course by John "the Flag" Hutchibson and are printed cloth. I'm a great fan of John's flags for my money they are the best you can get. I had to make 2 figures especially to carry these spendid standard.

Thursday 13 September 2012

More Dark Ages from Drabant

Yet more previews of the up and coming Drabant 28mm dark Ages range
Fron the top- Saxon archers- well they'd do for almost any dark age archer types I can see them in Carolingian a or other germanic armies just as easily. Saxon Command group - I particularly like the horn player unlike many you see he does not look like he's sucking on an overlarge stick of rock ! And Finally some very tasty- eastern looking Vikings. All of these will come with separate weapons and shileds where apparoriate- see the picture of the Saxon weapons in and earlier post. Now I must get back to actually doingf some painting and photography.

Monday 3 September 2012

Phew... that's 2 down.

Man I'm knackered.. 2 shows in one weekend is what Jim the Painter calls a "f****N hard shift" Saturady at the new venue for the Border Reiver show- of which dear reaqders I am the sponsor- not too bad at all give or take the odd organisational glitch by the chaps who do the actual work- as if a sponsor is ever supposed to do more than get out his chequebook and let the light of his countenance fall upon the event. Nevertheless those annoying little glitchjes apparently associated with a change of venue will be sorted out for next year. The venue itself is far better thabn the arena - it actually has light and doesn't small of stale beer and wee wee which the arena sometimes did. It was a tad on the warm side as sportshall shows tend to be- its the left over negative waves from all that leaping about after shuttlecocks and the like I supose . So after that little lot load up the gear nip back home for a few hours kip then up at first sparrow cheap and away down to Partizan at kelham- about a 2-21/2 hour trip is God is kind - which He was so there at 8 in the forenoon and unload again - bit more of a bugger as Kelham is for unloading but not insurmountably so . Show pretty crowded and some tasty looking games but to time for playas there is work to do in the stygian gloom- not enlightened by the fact that some of the venue power points are out. Still sorted in the end and all's well which is what counts. One point of interest Saw a copy of the now Dutch owned "Wargames Soldiers and Strategy magazine and you know I was pretty impressed. Hadn't seen a copy for over a year and last impressions were a bit mixed. This one was a deal better not only was it pretty it acutally had stuff in it to read and didn't talk to me as it I was 14 . The eye candy was not there as a cover for lack of actual content. There was interesting stuff in it . I'll be keeping an eye on thisa one- Perhaps even spending a few quid of my advertising budget ! Right now back to stock checking all those 15mm Bluemoon so I can re-order them from the US factory... Ho Hum.. A Traders work is never done... Always remember what you Dad taught you... If you can't take a joke you shouldn't have joined