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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

More 40mm Wars of the Roses.

It's been a good while since I blogged last- whatwith assorted shows and other fol-de -rol. Work as ever gets in the way. What !I hear you shout" but you LIVE in the Sweetie shop" "Pecisely !" I reply "sometimes you get sick of the little lead gits". "Man " as I have opined previously "shall not live by Wargaming alone" Nevertheless I have been slowly adding to my 40mm Wars of the Roses collection. Making new figures which - assuming I iron out the bugs -will in the fullness appear as catings added to the range. To be fair I'm really only converting existing figures but those few I've done look fine so I'll do them again as masters for future release. So here is a picture of a small punch up somwhere in Northern England in the 1450s between the Percies and their rivals the Nevilles
and this one a close up of the Hurly- burly
The 2 long flags- standards in heraldic parlance are of course by John "the Flag" Hutchibson and are printed cloth. I'm a great fan of John's flags for my money they are the best you can get. I had to make 2 figures especially to carry these spendid standard.


  1. They look great. Very tempting range

  2. Any red-blooded Englishman would be proud to serve under flags such as these! Fine figures of Englishmen they are, and all.