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Thursday, 13 September 2012

More Dark Ages from Drabant

Yet more previews of the up and coming Drabant 28mm dark Ages range
Fron the top- Saxon archers- well they'd do for almost any dark age archer types I can see them in Carolingian a or other germanic armies just as easily. Saxon Command group - I particularly like the horn player unlike many you see he does not look like he's sucking on an overlarge stick of rock ! And Finally some very tasty- eastern looking Vikings. All of these will come with separate weapons and shileds where apparoriate- see the picture of the Saxon weapons in and earlier post. Now I must get back to actually doingf some painting and photography.


  1. ab fab !

    they look great, i'll have to raid the piggy bank when they are availble :)


    1. As soon as I have stock I'll be letting people know.