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Tuesday 13 December 2011

Christmas is coming.... Bah Humbug ???

So here I am gentle readers sitting before the screen with a few moments in hand before setting about this mornings orders We are almost caught up with the backlog thanks toan after office hours packaqging session last night and a casting session during the day - making Jacdaw brits for a couple of customers and some Lanciers de Saxe likewise. I'm hoping a package from David lands this week - containg the first of the Swedish Napoleonics and - so he tells me some Chasseurs de Fischer. I'll post pics of the greens as soon as they arrive but it will be after Crimbo before they get into moulds. Actually going to be running a game this coming Saturday- WW2 western desert for which I'll be using Command Decision rules- probably version 3 . I've tried other sets but keep coming back to these as they treat you like and adult- they don't have the over simplification of Rapid Fire- or perhaps that should be Vapid fire as they bored the arse off me !! They don't have the patronising tone of Flames of War or the silliness of Spearhead. Indeed the only other sets of WW2 I considered were Lionel Tarr /featherstone but they were too limited So pics when I take 'em but in the meantime what is santa bringing me... well a new keybaord- which I'm using now- my old one snuffed it thespacerbargaveup- with odd results but in wargaming terms nothing of note since there is nothing I need tht I can't either do myself or cause to be done if I wish- mind you I do expect the beareded git to bring a bottle or two- Woodford Reserve Tennessee is one choice or perhaps a bottle of Red Brest Irish or The Antiquart Lowland Malt. Speaking of Lowland here is a pic of my most recent 15mm Malburian unit- almost the only thing added to my collection recently
The Royal Scots- as they would become- at this time Dumbartons then Orkneys so that little collection grows. I also have a Bavarian Dragoon regiment which only needs it flags adding- all these painted by John Reidyand the figures are of course Bluemoon