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Wednesday 16 February 2022

Pathan Cavalry and more sabots

 These Pathan cavalry had been on my painting table for far too long but finally they are finished. These will join the slowly growing 'India' collection as they will suit a fairly large timespan.- especially those with the jezails rather than the 2 who have more modern rifles. . These all came straight out of the Old Glory pack CNP5 and are as they come, no fiddling about. Other from this pack will have minor conversions such as substituting a lance for the firearm and having shields added.

Pathan Cavalry - 5 variant models  from the same 10 figure pack. 

Much of my India stuff- especially that for the Mutiny- is singly based so using sabot movement bases seemed a good idea. Infantry are easy enough but cavalry can present a problem or two. This being especially true if you want something of an irregular look for Marathas or Pindaris for example. Pinched this idea from the Wargames in India FB group but decided to turn the large base into an 8 figure sabot. Bit of a faff or what ! Mind you I think it works so a few more will be made  but fiddling to get the base holes in the right place takes a bit of patience. 

The large base is an 8 figure sabot- the actual base being 170mm by 109mm  from Warbases. Getting 8 models on was a bit tricky but I do like the end result, even if the fit was not quite as good as I hoped.