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Friday 3 May 2024

TLC for old lead Dudes. The Scots Greys.

In the 'Shinyloo' world the Scots Greys are- as yet the only near completed British Cavalry regiment. There are bits of other units as the old models get restored and  painted up. Some Hussars and some Heavy Dragoons  are finished and more Hussars and a few Light Dragoons and Horse Guards are in the 'to do someday' box.

The Scots Greys as they currently stand as one large squadron.

 Most of the ongoing 'Shinyloo'  retro project has been achieved using 'pre-owned' models  acquired from ebay . Sometimes in a pretty poor condition. Often needing new sword blades  and always needing a repaint though not always back to the metal.. There is, without doubt, a certain satisfaction in returning these old models to something close to their 'former glory' . Making the British fit to face the might of Napoleon Shinyparte's army- or indeed the Gloss coated glory of Shinyfarnce to face the perfidious Albion of the Duke of Wellyboot has indeed taken on something of a life of its own over the years.


 The units are large by today's standards- or at least that is the plan though they grow quite slowly as regular readers will know this is far from my only project. The Greys can therefore form two Squadrons or one large one as needed. Models are for the uninitiated 30mm either Stadden or Minifigs both from the 1960s or early 70s- the Minifigs being unavailable in the UK since then and  the present whereabouts of most of themoulds unknown.  Stadden are still available from Tradition of London.  

And as 2 squadrons.

And a few Hussars by way of difference- still a bundle of these to paint.