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Friday 2 May 2014

Keep shining on ...

 It has been some time since my last post here. I can only blame Salute- and its inevitiable aftermath- a stinking cold - snottering my way through the post Salute work  hankie always at the ready . Paracetamol on full automatic. Large "Gold Watch"  never far away. Laugh, I thought I'd never start.
However I'm now back in the land of the more or less living with a few minutes in hand  for a bit of harmless bloggery.
 sov here we have a small selection of pics of the recent additions to my "Shinyloo" retro project.
Stadden 30mm Scots Greys- all over 30 years old and in a shocking state when bought.
Inow have a few dozen assorted 30mm figures finished- all singly based in a delberate "Charge"  style. However there is a downside.
Side view of the Greys.  I do like painting horses- ....

I'm beginning to think that Grant Young, Lawford et al must have had the patience of Saints (and I KNOW the Brig did not ,,,)  to have fiddled about with hundreds of single figures during a game. I've a bare 3 dozen and the little buggers will go anywhere but where you place them- Cavalry are fine but the Infanrty , breath heavy on  'em and you have an unsightly hemmeroid... sorry Pile -.
Mostly Stadden with a few Minot- the firing and loading chaps at the end. As it happens I'd much rather paint almost anything than French lIne Infantry-. A bit of a bugger if you are doing a project involving the French Army.
... or perhaps heap  with little arms and legs sticking out. This despite the weighted bases. Mind you when I do get them to stand up  and say "cheese"  I'm quite pleased with the result.
British Rifles the 95th- second unit to be rifle armed . Harry Smith in the background trying to get someon to post his letter to Juanita ....
 Next up for this project will be some more British Infantry and some Royal Horse Artillery .


  1. They look wonderful in any case.

    Best Regards,


    1. Thanks Stokes- The Greys are my current favourites. I've had Napoleonics for most of my Wargaming life but never Until now the Royakl Scots Greys....

  2. Grand minis Andy. Oh, for more of Minot.

    1. Minot are somewhat thin on the ground these days I have a good few unpainted- mostly Old Guard with some Brits and about half a dozen French Curassiers - who are decidedly skinny - even in their armour.

  3. I've seen the Cuirassiers on eBay once and thought they looked very smart. I lok forward to yours.