Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Partizan in the Park- or Big Tent.

Sundays sees  my crew and  me travelling to Partizan which this year is apparently being held in a Marquee- read Big Tent- so its likely to be a right bloody circus one way or another.
In theory nothing should really change ... in theory... of course it will all depend upon what actually happens rather than what the very put upon Organiser hope will happen.
 I say piut upon because the venue owners have stiched them right up- double booked the place and then told the Irregulars to stump up a bundle of extra mazuma for the circus tent .... and flooring .... and power connection ...
 So currently  we are sp to speak in a position of flux -  and possibly in danger of a proper flux- up.
 Still  I'm certainly NOT blaming the organiser but rather the venue owners- a private company who can earn more from staging the  wedding of Tarquin and Arbuthnot than they can a mere wargames show booked  for some time.
 Now for us  it may mean no change but until we get there we can't tell - if the  place is a foot deep in mud well- life could get intresting to say the least. A bundle of transit vans filled with lead is not going to do the lawn any good at all my dear !
 So possibilities- we will be bringing all our normal show stock but - depending upon weather and access may only actually unload the 15mm and 10mm leaving the rest in the van to be accessed at need. pre-orders will of course be unloaded whatever size they are.
 We honestly can't be sure until we get there
 still If you can't take a joke ......

Saturday afternoon...
 An addition
 OK so we've loaded the van - somewhat differently than usual - lightest stuff out first then if  the world is made of S**T we can leave the hevey kit in the van. Decided not to bring the 40mm bin stack as it weights twice as much as any towo other bins together and since we don't know the ground or the distance or even how dry it may or may not. We are told that the organisers are "not expecting any issues" . Well I'm not so sanguine myself but we'll see I hope I'm wrong.


  1. Happy camping Andy! Don't forget your wellies ;o) Hope it all works out ok though.

  2. Just sell from your Van on whatever hard-top surface there is available

    1. Joe - up to a point thats the plan - the heavy kit may stay in the van on the hard standing. . But I also have to factor in the inability of wargamers to walk 10 yards.!!!

  3. I'd lend you my wellies mate but as you know I put them to better use at weekends!
    Farmer Dave.