Monday, 2 June 2014

Partizan in the Tent- the verdict.

 Well it didn't rain and despite Jim's dire warning of a clusterf""K it wasn't, well not much anyway. Lawence and Tricks had done a fine job with minimal time in hand  and an awful lot of strife  so well done Dudes in very trying circumstances.
 There were however a few small issues that came up- Safety- we left a good bit of our heavy kit in the van as I suspected we would. No big deal as it tiurned out but as always with outside event it all hung on the weather- weather it would Piss down or not- it didn't but thankfully there are no planned repeats of "Circus Partizan "
 Even getting a beer was a 100 yard walk and a wee -wee ... Well I tied a knot in it.
 Mind you the temperature in the big top rose throughout the day and in usual Wargamery style if got a bit fragrant- only more so if you get my drift.
 Games were up tp the Usual standard - though the old vice of non-communication is back with a vengeance- I couldn't tell what some of the games actually were!
 Those I noticed
 Lite A Stonewall' - their Zulu War game  Intombi River " Farsands of 'em"- well 900 so they told me  all in 28mm - Nice.
 Dave Brooks and Friends  did a fine snowy retreat from  Moscow game  also Nice.
and last but not least an unusual air combat game in 1/100th - with Jets   using a variant of "Check your Six"  very different indeed- something I do fancy having a bash at.
 Watch this space once the 1/100th Hawker Hunter comes out in a few weeks..
 Other games looked vey samey - though that is being a little harsh on a very pretty AWI game near our stand-  and likewise on an early WW2 thing that was very vertical as well as being very pretty  I can't recall seeing any games in other than 28mm - except for the aforementioned Air Combat- and indeed 1 game I looked at- seemed to be set in the 1680s- the troops simply looked too space out on their bases giving no visual impression of a battle of that era - surely part of the point of using model/ toy soldiers in the first place? Could have done with seeing stuff in sizes other than 28mm Any other games were simply a samey blur which is perhaps unkind and maybe even unjust but then been there done that. Several times .
 On the up side the usual stygian gloom of Kelham hall was entirely absent indeed shades were sometimes in evidence. the food was actually better than normal   but the beer was merely Tetleys so didn't count but as  our Friend  The Late Lameted OBP often said
 "This Beer is 'orrible but you've Gotta Drink it ... "

So the Final Verdict - OK to do once but you wouldn't want to make a habit of being in the Circus 


  1. Good to see you there, Andy.

    There were a couple of smaller-scale games. I believe the Society of Ancients were running a 15mm medieval game all day (Montaperti 1260); Kallistra had a 10mm WWI game next to their stand; and I think it was the Forest Outlaws running a 15mm Napoleonic game (Klyastitzy), again using Hexon terrain.

    My main thumbs-up goes to the light: the best lit photos I've been able to take at Partizan ever!

    1. Thanks Henry- Good to see you too. pity I missed Montaperti- I fancy that Guelf- Ghibelline thing in 28mm- I have Mario Venturis splendid book on the battle the heraldry is superb and of course I have plety of suitable toys .
      I'm never sure about hexes - the pattern puts me off- evn in the air combat game. I saw Kallistras game in passing but the hex pattern so dominated the table that I never noticed what was actually on it ..